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【by Wu Ji-Rou/Campus Reporter】
In 2019 NCCU initiated the Lo Chia-Luen International Chinese Studies Lecture Series. The...
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【by Liu Wen-Lin, Campus Reporter】
In the 207th University Administrative Meeting, the President of NCCU, Dr. Kuo Ming-ch...
President Kuo Ming-cheng announces that in addition to the existing scholarship system, an extra $100 million will be made available to local students wishing to study abroad on exchange.(Photo: Liu Wen-Lin, Campus Reporter)(Open new window)
【by Liu Wen-Lin/Campus Reporter】
The President of National Chengchi University, Dr. Kuo Ming-cheng, announced today that in addition to the existing scholarship system, starting September this year an extra $10 million will be allocated to local students pursuing overseas study and exchange.
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【Office of International Cooperation】

Dear students and members of the NCCU community,
Taiwan CDC(Open new window)
【By NCCU Secretariat】
Taiwan's Centers for Disease Control (CDC) on Saturday extended its highest travel warning to China's Hubei province due to concerns over a coronavirus epidemic that originated in the provincial capital of Wuhan.

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