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In accordance to the COVID-19 alert being lowered to Level 2, the university has updated its relevant epidemic prevention measures.

Date : 2021-07-27 Department : Secretariat

【Message from the Secretariat of National Chengchi University】

The Central Epidemic Command Center announced that from July 27 to August 9, the COVID-19 alert will be lowered to Level 2. The university’s adjustment measures in response to the epidemic are as follows:

Curfew control:
Invited persons from outside the school must scan the QR code upon entering and exiting. Apart from the above new rule, NCCU still maintains the same control measures previously announced by the university. (For details, please refer to the curfew control announcement from May 19.)

Summer courses:
Courses with less than 50 people will be taught in classrooms. However, if after evaluation, some courses cannot be immediately resumed for classroom teaching, the courses can be conducted in the form of remote or a physical/remote combination. (For details, please see the announcement from the Office of Academic Affairs.)

All libraries will resume summer opening hours. Self-study reading rooms and discussion rooms will be closed temporarily. The Main Library and Dah Hsian Library will arrange temporary dining areas for those readers in need. (For details, please see the announcement from the Library.)

Computer classrooms:
PC Classroom 1 on the third floor of the NCCU Computer Center will be open for use from Monday to Friday, from 9:00-15:00.

Sports Arenas:
The gymnasium (main court, table tennis room, weight training room), track and field stadium, tennis court, and the workout area surrounding the mountains, will be opened according to the summer opening hours, for  faculty, staff and students of the school. Stadiums and equipment will be disinfected every 2 hours. The swimming pool will remain closed. For the university’s sports teams, an epidemic prevention plan must be submitted and approved. Relevant coaches and players will need to complete a quick screening three days prior to usage for training. Screenings will be done every 7 days during the training. (For details, please see the announcement from the Physical Education Office.)

On Campus Dining:
The food court in Dorm 9 will provide delivery of lunchboxes. The Hero Kitchen Lab is currently under construction. It’s opening hours will be announced later on.

Work from home and office staff diversion: 
The proportion of work from home employees should not be more than one-third of the overall manpower. The flexible adjustment of working hours will continue. (For details, please see the announcement from the Personnel Office.)

From July 27 to August 7, parents will be able to assist students who live in dormitories move. When entering the campus, they must follow epidemic prevention measures such as taking their body temperature, getting a stamp on their arm for identification, and QR code registration. (For details, please see the announcement from the Office of Student Affairs.)

In accordance to the announcement from the central government, various response measures will be adjusted at any time. All faculty, staff, students, alumni and visitors of the school must cooperate with epidemic prevention measures to reduce the risk of virus transmission, and to protect each other's health and safety.

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