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Taiwan Social Distancing App

Date : 2021-05-24 Department : Secretariat
【Article by Secretariat】
We've recently received questions from our students and teachers regarding the Taiwan Social Distancing App installed on cellphones. This app will send alert messages, notifying users that they have had been in contact with a COVID-19 positive person in the past 14 days. We’d like to remind teachers and students who have received the alert notice to follow the guidelines given by the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control:

Please proactively contact local health authorities or report to the 1922 Epidemic Prevention Hotline. You will then be assisted by a public health personnel. Everyone should pay attention to their health status. If there are any suspected symptoms, please take the initiative to report the situation, wear a mask and seek the medical help as per instructed. Please be sure to inform the doctor of any travel history, your occupation, contact history, whether or not you have been in any gatherings, and all relevant information, in order to make a diagnosis notification.

After the public health personnel have assessed your case, and confirm that the risk of exposure can be removed, the health personnel will provide a verification code. After inputting the code, your alert notice will be removed and lifted

Teachers and students are reminded that if they were to receive an alert message notifying them that they had been in contact with a COVID-19 positive person, they should contact the local health bureau or the 1922 Epidemic Prevention Hotline as soon as possible, and follow the instructions provided by the public health personnel. If the instructions require relevant anti-epidemic measures, please report to our school’s Campus Security Report Center’s number, 0919-099-119 as soon as possible. The school will then be able to provide the needed assistance. If the alert notice is lifted, there will be no need to notify the school.
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