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Lo Chia-Luen International Chinese Studies Lecture Series –Third Committee Meeting Held; Recipients of 1st Research Scholarship Announced

Date : 2020-09-11 Department : Secretariat
【Article by the Office for the Lo Chia-Luen International Chinese Studies Lecture Series】
The third committee meeting for the Lo Chia-Luen International Chinese Studies Lecture Series (ICSLS) recently convened, with committee members focusing on the following three issues: Naming the chair professor for the 2nd Lo Chia-Luen Lecture Series, confirming the list of recipients of the Lo Chia-Luen ICSLS Research Scholarship, and appointing someone to serve as the director of the Lo Chia-Luen Lecture Series Office for the next round of lectures.

Given the unpredictable nature of the global pandemic and the abundance of outstanding experts and scholars within Taiwan, after serious consideration, the committee appointed academician and historian Tu Cheng-sheng to be chair professor of the 2nd Lecture Series; while academician and historical scholar Fansen Wang will serve as the chair professor of the 3rd Lecture Series. By unanimous resolution, the committee also designated Yang Jui-sung, the associate dean of the College of Liberal Arts and professor in the Department of History, to continue on as the director of the Lecture Series Office.

Regarding the 1st Lo Chia-Luen ICSLS Research Scholarship, a total of 59 applications were submitted between the initial notice in March and the application deadline in May (45 PhD student applications and 14 master's student applications). Applications were submitted by applicants in 15 countries, and application documents were first reviewed by professors in each academic discipline and then raised in a committee meeting for resolution. 12 research scholarships were granted in total, with recipients hailing from prestigious institutions such as Harvard University, US, Heidelberg University, Germany, Tel Aviv University, Israel, and Hitotsubashi University, Japan.

Committee members took into account the fact that some recipients may not be able to enter Taiwan in the short term, due to the pandemic, and have therefore allowed recipients to retain their qualifications for a year. President Kuo Ming-cheng stated that if recipients are required to stay at a “quarantine hotel” upon entering Taiwan, the associated costs shall be subsidized by the University at its own discretion.

Following the committee meeting, the Vice President of Academia Sinica, Dr. Chin-shing Huang, along with Director Yang of the Lecture Series Office, invited the academicians Tu Cheng-sheng and Fansen Wang respectively to serve as chair professors for the Lo Chia-Luen Lecture Series this year and next year, and the two academicians gladly accepted. Details for the upcoming lecture series, including the theme and content of the talks, will be determined by the chair professors themselves.
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