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The 2020 Joint Handover Ceremony for Supervisors – Nurturing Talent while Keeping in Mind One's Initial Aspirations

Date : 2020-09-11 Department : Secretariat
【Written by journalist Wu Chi-Rou】
The 2020 Joint Handover Ceremony for Supervisors was recently held in the conference room of the NCCU Administration Building. The ceremony featured a lively atmosphere, with incoming and outgoing supervisors gathered together in the one room. As it kicked off, President Kuo Ming-cheng presented Certificates of Appointment to new and continuing supervisors, and gave mementos to outgoing supervisors, thanking them for their hard work and commitment. President Kuo urged attendees to keep in mind their initial aspirations: “Having chosen to be here, you must commit to education, to nurturing ever more talented students.” We look forward to growing and learning together with NCCU students, he added.

During his opening address, President Kuo lamented the painstaking lengths supervisors had to go to in order to successfully contain COVID-19: “This year you were all faced with an invisible enemy, and you truly worked around the clock.” He expressed his sincere hope that the entire body of NCCU faculty, staff and students would remain safe and healthy. He also commended the strides made by NCCU in the field of humanities, encouraging staff to have more confidence in what they do: “The University only has one mission, which is to nurture talented individuals. Its sole task is to teach; everything else is secondary.”

Su Heng, the Vice President for International Cooperation, who is set to step down soon, delivered remarks on behalf of all departing supervisors. She believes the charm of NCCU lies in its tradition of humanities and the exceptional performance of each of its academic departments. During her 40 years at NCCU she experienced an array of emotions and feelings, noting that “NCCU is like my home.” Soon to be leaving this home, she feels a sad reluctance, believing that serving an administrative role is an excellent form of training. She laughs, adding: “President Kuo and the administration team work flat out day and night to reach their goals and boost the University's ranking.” Having worked in this team for many years, she sums up her time at NCCU emotionally by citing one of Tagore’s classic quotes: “I leave no trace of wings in the air, but I am glad that I had my flight.”

The new Dean of General Affairs, Chyi-Herng Chang, subsequently delivered an address on behalf of newly-appointed supervisors. Dean Chang’s vision for the Office of General Affairs involves what he believes is the most important responsibility, which is providing administrative support and offering effective assistance to students, teachers, and administration teams. He has already set a handful of goals: To provide certified catering services, improve campus surrounds, implement University Social Responsibility (USR), and provide an even friendlier work and learning environment.
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