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Announcement (April 6, 2020)

Date : 2020-04-07 Department : Office of International Cooperation (OIC)
  1. If you have been to the following 11 national-level alert tourist spots or other crowded places during the past spring break, you are urged to conduct a 14-day period of self-health management according to CECC and are not allowed to enter NCCU campus if you show any symptoms.

Yunlin (1)

Beigang Chaotian Temple

Chiayi (2)

Alishan National Forest Recreation Area, Wenhua Road (Chiayi City)

Tainan (4)

Guanzihling, Hu-Tou Pei, Wusanto Reservoir, Wusanto Huching Resort Hotel

Kaohsiung (2)

Singda Harbor, Chishan Old Street

Pingtung (1)

South of Nan-cho Township (including Kenting. Please refer to the areas highlighted in yellow below.)

Hualien (1)

Dongdamen Tourist Night Market

  1. Riders of public transport (including High-Speed Rail, Taiwan Railways, Buses and MRT) and taxis are required to wear face masks all the time and undergo temperature checks before entering a bus or MRT station. Those who refuse to wear face masks on public transport after being advised to do so will be fined up to NT$ 15,000

  2. Please be cautious about your health conditions within 14 days after the spring break and take body temperature every day. If you don’t feel well or show any symptom, please wear a face mask to seek medical attention immediately and inform the University Security Center (0919-099-119) simultaneously. Or you may call toll-free Communicable Disease Reporting and Consultation Hotline, 1922 (or 0800-001922), and inform the physician of any history of travel.
  3. Students and faculty are required to wear face masks if they are unable to observe social distancing (1 meter outdoors, and 1.5 meters indoors) during classes.
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