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NCCU Continues to Promote International Chinese Studies Research; Offers Research Grants of Up To NT $300,000 for Graduate Students

Date : 2020-04-01 Department :
【by Wu Ji-Rou/Campus Reporter】
In 2019 NCCU initiated the Lo Chia-Luen International Chinese Studies Lecture Series. The first honorary lecture was delivered by Academia Sinica academician Yu Ying-shih, with academician David Der-wei Wang serving as chair professor.
The second committee meeting for Chinese studies was held in January this year. During the meeting guest lecturers for 2020 were also confirmed. They include Prof Ishii Tsuyoshi from the University of Tokyo and Prof Sebastian Veg from the School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences in France. NCCU is also set to invite Prof Huang Ying-che from the Department of Modern China Studies, Aichi University, Japan, to join the esteemed line-up of speakers. In the second round of lectures, NCCU will invite Prof David L. McMullen, who retired from Cambridge University, to serve as honorary lecturer, and Prof Benjamin A. Elman, who retired from Princeton University, to serve as chair professor.
To promote international Chinese studies and expand the scope of interaction and exchange between academia in Taiwan and overseas, NCCU is also planning to distribute research subsidies. Such subsidies will extend for between three and six months, with each such student receiving between NT $30,000 and NT $50,000 per month. 
An additional subsidy will be granted to graduate students from other countries for the cost of a return economy-class airfare to Taiwan. Recipients are limited to students with academic supervisors from NCCU and must take part in all items of academic research organized by NCCU.
The application phase will end on April 30 and the list of scholarship recipients will be announced in June.
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