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NCCU Passes Draft Plan for Lifestyle Services Center, Qi Xian Building Slated for Demolition Next Year

Date : 2020-04-01 Department :
【by Liu Wen-Lin, Campus Reporter】
In the 207th University Administrative Meeting, the President of NCCU, Dr. Kuo Ming-cheng, led an administrative team to deliver the final administrative report of the semester. A total of 11 motions were slated for consideration, of which nine were passed.

The 9th motion proposed during the meeting – a feasibility assessment and initial plan pre-proposal for a “Lifestyle Services Center and surrounding sites on the Lower Campus” – was passed amid vigorous discussion between students and teachers. According to the schedule, following the passing of the initial pre-proposal, the project will be submitted to the Ministry of Education in August this year for approval, and design supervisors will subsequently be appointed in December. The earliest projections should see construction begin in 2022, with the building completed by the end of 2023. The Office of General Affairs announced today that demolition work on the Qi Xian Building will commence early next year.

According to the plans, the Lifestyle Services Center will consist of four above-ground floors and one below-ground floor, with a total floor area of 4,820 square meters. The basement will feature a parking lot, or space for lifestyle service facilities. The first floor will consist of a bookstore, a faculty and staff consumer cooperative, a sports supply store, and room for lifestyle service stores. The second floor, on the other hand, will boast a student cafeteria, while the third floor will feature special theme-style restaurants and the fourth floor will include cafes and a sky garden. Additionally, the basement parking lot of the Lifestyle Services Center and the soon-to-be-built College of Law building will be connected with a skybridge.

President Kuo noted: “Before the actual construction begins, there is a lot of room for discussion. When the time comes, we can also engage in discussion and planning with the architects involved.”
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