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NCCU President Kuo Ming-Cheng Launches “Alumni Class Scholarship” Initiative, Pledges Additional $10 Million for Study Abroad Programs

Date : 2020-03-31 Department :
【by Liu Wen-Lin/Campus Reporter】
The President of National Chengchi University, Dr. Kuo Ming-cheng, announced today that in addition to the existing scholarship system, starting September this year an extra $10 million will be allocated to local students pursuing overseas study and exchange. It is estimated that this will help approximately 100 underprivileged students realize their dreams of studying abroad.

Aside from study abroad scholarship programs for economically disadvantaged students promoted by the University, President Kuo also called on alumni to take part in an “Alumni Class Scholarship” scheme to create an atmosphere that encourages scholarship donations. He expressed his hope that alumni who had graduated for 10 years or more could come together to fund study abroad scholarships.

In related news, the International College of Innovation, which was established by NCCU last year, will begin admitting students in September this year. The College will focus primarily on researching international issues, and an estimated 10 Taiwanese students and 40 foreign students will be admitted, with 10 full scholarships and 10 half-scholarships made available to its foreign students.

NCCU is one of Taiwan's leading universities in the humanities and social science. Faced with a future prospect of intense international competition in higher education, NCCU is currently striving to promote internationalization among its students, hoping to attract an additional 2000 foreign students in the coming five to ten years and to continually integrate external resources from sources such as government, business, and the alumni community. Its ultimate objective is to provide at least NT $250 million worth of scholarships annually, and in doing so, to attract elite overseas students to study in Taiwan, while also supporting local Taiwanese students in their ambitions to head abroad for study and exchange.
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