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Dear students and members of the NCCU community

Date : 2020-03-18 Department : Office of International Cooperation (OIC)

Dear all students,

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, according to the new regulations approved by the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (CDC) today (March 18), all faculty and students of the nation are forbidden to travel abroad. Therefore, NCCU students, non-citizens included, are prohibited from traveling to any international destination until further notice. This policy is not limited to those wishing to go back to their home countries. Once you go abroad, the entry ban will be imposed on you. You’ll not be allowed to enter Taiwan again, even if you are taking a short-term leave abroad now. Please take this matter seriously, as if you really have to travel abroad, let us know immediately.

NCCU takes health care seriously. Please take care of your health and that of those around you. It’s all our responsibility to keep the NCCU community a safer and healthier place to stay.

This new policy applies to all students at NCCU starting from NOW.

All the best,


Office of International Cooperation

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