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Dear students and members of the NCCU community

Date : 2020-03-10 Department : Office of International Cooperation (OIC)
Dear students and members of the NCCU community,

Below is the summarized info about actions NCCU has taken to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Inside NCCU:
● The start of the spring semester was postponed one week so that the university could prepare for the preventive measures against COVID-19.
● Only three entrances to NCCU campus are open. For each entrance, a thermographic camera is used to monitor visitors’ temperatures. Checkpoints are also set in the entrance of major buildings to ensure visitors’ body temperatures are taken. Whoever is detected with a high fever over 37.5 degrees Celsius will be prohibited from entering the campus and the university buildings.
●The OIC arranged two orientations for the exchange students and I-House residents in order to keep our students informed about the campus life, including health and safety during the coronavirus outbreak. Pamphlets for the COVID-19 prevention were prepared in the orientation package. The orientation lecture halls were thoroughly sterilized before the meetings. Attendees were asked to wear facial masks and have their hands sanitized with alcohol upon entrance. They were also directed to take seats at a distance of at least 1 meter from each other.
● Except for the aforementioned orientations, any scheduled activities with more than 50 participants were mostly cancelled or postponed. Nevertheless, our communication channels remain open either on-line or on a one-to-one basis.
● Facilities and classrooms:
All classroom facilities and furniture are sterilized before use from time to time. Students are told to wear facial masks whenever necessary. They are also reminded to sit at a reasonable distance from the neighboring classmates.
● Class adjustments:
All faculty members were surveyed if they are willing to adopt distance teaching to accommodate those students who are unable to return to campus due to the spread of COVID-19 in their home countries. We have expanded network bandwidth to offer students flexible options and devices for distant learning, and provide tips to increase online instructor-student interaction. In addition, all class lecturers are asked to take attendance to keep tracks of students’ participation histories. At present, the Ministry of Education in Taiwan requires the schools at all levels to stop class activities if two or more confirmed cases of COVID-19 were found on campus.

Dorm check-in and regulations:
● We had tightened up our dorm check-in procedures for the incoming and returning students. Take our I-House, the dorm for the international students for example, we also arranged temperature taking and another survey on body symptoms and travel histories upon residents’ check-in. Again, whoever detected with a high fever was prohibited from entering the dorm and was reported to the university immediately for further health care.
● To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, no visitors are allowed to enter the dorms.
● All residents must have their temperatures taken daily upon entrance. Public areas such as elevators, hallways, kitchens, public toilets and lobbies are cleaned and sterilized three times a day. Again, if a resident is detected with a high fever, we will report it to the university health center and send him/her to the hospital.
● Our staff members have been cautiously monitoring the situation and kept the OIC updated from time to time. They themselves are also free of any suspected virus symptoms and travel histories.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping maintain a healthy campus.

Office of International Cooperation
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