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NCCU Lo Chia-luen International Sinology Chair Aims to Build Global Sinology Education Center

Date : 2020-01-06 Department :
【By NCCU Secretariat】
2019 represents the 100-year anniversary of the May Fourth Movement. To commemorate one of the leaders of the May Fourth Movement and former Chinese Minister of Education, Lo Chia-luen (羅家倫),National Cheng Chi University (NCCU) President Ming-Cheng Kuo (郭明政) initiated the NCCU Lo Chia-luen International Sinology Chair, which commenced November 22, 2019. Kuo expressed his gratitude to all those who helped make the Sinology Chair possible. He also stated that it was an honor to have renowned scholars and academicians Ying-Shih Yu (余英時) and David Der-Wei Wang (王德威)deliver keynote speeches during the event, and serve as emeritus professor and chair host respectively.

He said that NCCU had taken on the task of transmitting and promoting accrued cultural knowledge. Moreover, in line with the expectations of the former Minister of Education, Lo Chia-luen, Kuo aims to forge NCCU into a top international school like the London School of Economics and Political Science, and the Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po). In addition, through the NCCU Lo Chia-luen International Sinology Chair,he hopes to leverage resources from sinology in Taiwan, along with its advantages globally, and establish a leading position in the field of sinology.

Kuo also expressed his gratitude for Luo's two daughters, Jiu-Fang Luo and Jiu-Hua Luo, who donated their father’s collection of 13,000 books, which are now kept at the NCCU Main Library.

Kuo noted that Chia-luen LO – who also served as the former director of academic affairs at NCCU – drafted the Declaration of the May Fourth Movement, which has exerted an immense influence over the last century. “In order to commemorate him, especially his efforts to fortify the foundation of NCCU, it is our mission to preserve and pass down this cultural legacy,” he explained. He further expressed his hope that the Lecture Series would leave behind an abiding legacy for posterity and make a great contribution to society and human civilization. Finally, he stated that he was looking forward to helping NCCU become a leading university in Asia and the world, and a pioneer of education in the broader society.

The Lo Chia-luen, International Sinology Chair will invite three overseas prestigious scholars to Taiwan to serve as one-year chair professors, hosts and visiting professors respectively every year. Furthermore, under the chair program, NCCU will invite internationally-esteemed sinology scholars to deliver speeches, instruct students and conduct research. To encourage overseas master’s and PhD students to come to Taiwan to study sinology, the chair will provide 10 to 20 student scholarships each year. As the chair host David Der-Wei Wang said, “NCCU has the right people doing the right things in the right place at the right time. By establishing the chair in Taiwan, with its strategically beneficial location, NCCU is set to make a noteworthy contribution to sinology studies.”
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