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How to shine worldwide? -NCCU President explains his vision for globalization

President Ming-Cheng Kuo (Image provided by Office of International Cooperation)
President Ming-Cheng Kuo (Image provided by Office of International Cooperation)
Date : 2019-10-22 Department : Secretariat
【Silkroad Newsletter】
NCCU is known in Taiwan as the leading center for research and instruction in the humanities and social sciences but, as noted by President Ming-Cheng Kuo (郭明政), it’s crucial to maintain a global vision that extends far beyond Taiwan. NCCU students are not only expected to develop global experience but also to serve as effective ambassadors for Taiwan in the international community.

Facing the competitive global marketplace, and industry’s increasingly specific talent requirements, President Kuo is actively working towards establishing NCCU as a magnet for high-potential students with Chinese proficiency from around the world, who will then bring the fruits of their NCCU education and training back to all corners of the globe. He pointed out that while globalization is widely associated with English language proficiency, true globalization requires multilingualism, and NCCU is perfectly situated to serve as a meeting point between the Chinese and English-speaking worlds.

NCCU deliberately tailors its curriculum for foreign students to ensure students have ample time to experience and understand Taiwan through travel and visits to government, industrial and cultural institutions.

Speaking to Taiwanese students, President Kuo suggested that, to optimally position themselves to have an impact on the global scale, NCCU students should not only learn English but also take advantage of their Chinese proficiency. NCCU initiatives to encourage a global outlook among students include the development of multinational joint programs that allow students to spend three semesters abroad, each in a different country.

Furthermore, NCCU has plans to establish representative offices overseas to both enhance inter-school cooperation, support the NCCU global alumni network, and to arrange overseas internships for NCCU students.

Over the past half-century, Asia has emerged as an economic and technological powerhouse, rivaling the west terms of trade, income, and innovation. Taiwan is one of the prime movers in this development, and President Kuo has high hopes for NCCU to actively collaborate with universities and institutions in other Asian countries to create new opportunities out of collective experience and ability.

Finally, President Kuo noted NCCU’s global reputation in Sinology, and the university is actively engaged in further developing the NCCU Sinology Program. “We must have enough confidence in our advantages!” he said, encouraging all those interested in learning Chinese to come to NCCU
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