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International College of Innovation launches its first Global Governance Summer School

Date : 2019-10-01 Department : Secretariat
By Ting Lin(林亭)/ Campus Reporter

International College of Innovation (ICI), the tenth college of National Chengchi University (NCCU), inaugurated t h e 2019 Global Governance Summer School (G2S2) this year. The summer school is one of the endeavors of NCCU President Ming-Cheng Kuo(郭明政), who has been actively involved in setting up the school since December last year in the face of globalization trends.

The opening gala, taking place at the NCCU Art & Culture Center, attracted international students from 18 countries, including Thailand, India, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Republic of Nauru, Singapore, mainland China, Korea, Russia, Turkey, Australia, Mexico, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Belgium.

Ming Lee(李明), a diplomacy department professor who opened a course on international security, encouraged students to visit Taiwan's interesting attractions such as night market. Fu-Kuo Liu(劉復國), Dean of ICI, said to international
students that Taiwanese may not be able to speak standard English, but they are able to teach foreigners how to speak fluent and accurate Chinese.

Pooja Kaushik, a summer school member who came from a university in Poland, said she was satisfied with school courses and the environment of the campus. Kaushik said she would want to go back to Asia to live and work in the future after finishing her study in Poland.
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