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NCCU moves Chiang statues from Library to Hua Hsing Children's Home

Date : 2018-09-17 Department : -
National Chengchi University (NCCU) has relocated a statue of late President Kai-shek Chiang from library to Hua Hsing Children’s Home on Sep. 8 according to the resolution of the 197th school meeting on Jan.5, 107. With the concern and active assistance of all walks of life and alumni, the school expresses its sincere respect and gratitude.

Hua Hsing Children’s Home is founded by Mrs. Chiang. She devoted to taking care of the children of fallen soldiers, orphans, orphans of nature disaster, the children of low-income families in Taipei and other children in need. She expected all walks of life respected the original intention of the children's home to maintain the rights and interests of the children and the peaceful living environment.

NCCU was first established in Nanjing in 1927, China, and reconstituted in 1954 Taipei, Taiwan. Over the past 9 decades, NCCU has becoming one of the top influential comprehensive university in Taiwan and has cultivated more than 100,000 alumni who were highly influential to a number of fields.

At the beginning of the school's establishment of the party school, Kai-shek Chiang was the first principal. The comprised prominent educator Chuanxian Dai, Weizhen Ding and Guo-fu Chen were the establishment of preparatory committees, Jialun Luo and Yangyu Zeng were held the key position. At the time of the founding of the school, the party and government leaders of the Northern Expeditionary Revolutionary Army were the students of NCCU. NCCU established and satisfied the demand for higher education in the government of the Republic of China in Taiwan.

After reconstituted as Chengchi University, the earliest national university in Taiwan, Chengchi University provided various professional degrees and had already occupied the leading position in the domestic humanities and social sciences universities.
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