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Professionalization for the Future! TVBS Chief English News Correspondent Shares Golden Rules for Job Hunting at GCIT

Date : 2024-05-14 Department : Master’s Program in Global Communication and Innovation Technology
【Article by Master’s Program in Global Communication and Innovation Technology】
In today’s fast-paced world, having a resume highlighting your personal value and professionalism and the ability to present yourself well during an interview is crucial. On May 13th, Dimitri Bruyas, Chief English News Correspondent of TVBS English News, was invited by the Master’s Program in Global Communication and Innovation Technology (GCIT) at NCCU University to share his insights and strategies with students.

Dimitri's presentation, "Path to Success: Fundamental Resume and Interview Techniques," not only shared secrets to crafting an outstanding resume but also delved deeply into how to make a lasting impression in interviews. Dimitri mentioned, "What truly makes a candidate stand out is how they build their brand in their resume and match their experiences and skills to the company's needs."

He pointed out that job seekers must pay more attention to customizing their resumes. He emphasized the need to customize resumes and cover letters to the job requirements, highlighting skills and achievements relevant to the position. He also shared strategies for effectively answering interview questions, demonstrating capabilities through practical examples, and envisioning one's future blueprint.

In addition to the skills needed to write a cover letter, Dimitri also shared his perspective as an interviewer: "In the TVBS English News team, we interview over twenty candidates a year, and the competition is fierce. But what we care about most is whether the candidates genuinely understand our work. We want to see people who are prepared, know what we report on, and can contribute."

Facing the challenges of the news media industry, Dimitri encouraged students to follow their interests and recognize that accuracy and authenticity are more important than ever. He highlighted the need for precise and objective reporting in the age of big data, ensuring the indispensable role of journalists.

In the end, Dimitri patiently answered students' questions about job searching and internships, shared his practical work experience, and provided advice on internship strategies and career development. Through Dimitri's sharing, students received valuable advice not only on creating an impressive resume and improving interview skills but also on positioning themselves in a rapidly changing world, building their personal brand, and preparing for their future careers.
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