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Welcome 2024 with Emperor Wenchang: IMAS Indigenous BBQ in a Taoist Temple

Professors and IMAS students immerse themselves in Taiwanese culture by wearing indigenous clothing.(Photo by IMAS)
IMAS teachers and students take a group photo in front of the temple.(Photo by IMAS)
Parsha Hsieh, the SMU Monet Chair Professor, and SOAS Professor Dafydd Fell from the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London, each sliced a piece of meat.(Photo by IMAS)
Cleisha-Bernise Springer, an IMAS alumna and the First Secretary at the Embassy of Saint Lucia, has just finished savoring her Bamboo Rice, while IMAS Thai student Natcha Lee is preparing grilled fish for teachers and their family members.(Photo by IMAS)
At the temple plaza, IMAS students are lining up, waiting for an indigenous chef to distribute meat slices. Meanwhile, inside the temple, other IMAS students are queuing up to touch the calligraphy brush, expecting the Wenchang Emperor to assist them in their studies.(Photo by IMAS)
IMAS student Blake Santiago Prayon is praying toWenchang Emperor for a successful exam.(Photo by IMAS)
IDAS student Petra Nepozitkova touches the calligraphy brush longer than others, hoping her academic performance will surpass that of her colleagues.(Photo by IMAS)
Professor Jacob Reidhead is interpreting the divine oracle together with the students.(Photo by IMAS)
Wanying Yang, the Dean of the College of Social Sciences, is answering questions from British exchange student Rebecca Melody Lin. From left to right: Yimovie Sakue-Collins, Lecturer in the Department of Political Science at the University of Africa, Toru-Orua, Nigeria; SOAS Professor Dafydd Fell; Dean Wanying Yang; IMAS student Jacob Michael McGee; and SMU Professor Parsha Hsieh.(Photo by IMAS)
Date : 2024-01-19 Department : 亞太碩
【Article by IMAS】
In celebration of the new year's commencement, the International Master’s Program in Asia Pacific Studies (IMAS) at the College of Social Sciences (CSS) has selected Muzha Jiying Temple (木柵集應廟), a Taoist temple adjacent to the campus, to orchestrate a cultural immersion event.

The event primarily caters to IMAS students, who have graciously extended invitations to their friends and family. Alongside the dean, vice deans, and instructors from the CSS, distinguished guests include Professor Dafydd Fell from the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London (SOAS), Professor Parsha Hsieh, the Monet Chair Professor at the Singapore Management University (SMU), and IMAS alumna Cleisha-Bernise Springer, presently serving as the First Secretary at the Embassy of Saint Lucia.

The pièce de résistance for the evening is the succulent roasted wild boar. In adherence to indigenous traditions of minimizing waste, the boar's internal organs find purpose in a delectable soup. To cater to varied dietary preferences, separate preparations of roasted chicken and fish are offered, accompanied by vegetarian alternatives like bamboo tube rice, sweet potatoes, and water bamboo – all reflective of indigenous culinary heritage.

Beyond the culinary delights, IMAS students seize the opportunity to delve into the intricacies of Taiwanese temples. Rooted in polytheistic Taoism, this temple, while primarily dedicated to two Tang Dynasty generals, is renowned for venerating the Emperor Wenchang (文昌帝君). Revered for aiding scholarly pursuits, local students frequent the temple to seek success in their exams. Moreover, the temple extends celebratory events to students who achieve admission into their desired institutions. As the final exams approach, many international students participating in the event partake in rituals to seek the benevolence of Emperor Wenchang

Mr. Zhang Minnan (張敏男), the Chair of the temple's management committee, expresses his delight at the initiative taken by IMAS students to organize an event at the temple. He takes pleasure in sharing Taiwanese culture with the esteemed foreign guests and anticipates a plethora of planned activities within the temple precincts for the year 2024, expressing the hope to extend invitations to these students once again.
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