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Empowering Migrants in Taiwan: 'Steps to Connect' Exhibition Unveils. Essential Tips for Seamless Integration

Date : 2024-01-09 Department : International College of Innovation
【Article by International College of Innovation】
The International College of Innovation is proud to announce the opening of the "Steps to Connect: Tips for Migrants in Taiwan" exhibition held at the Dah Hsian Library Lobby of National Chengchi University. This exhibition aims to provide valuable information and practical advice for migrants in Taiwan, offering a different perspective on the challenges they encounter, as well as emphasizing the importance of understanding the experiences and aspirations of migrants who come to Taiwan for work or studies.

The exhibition showcases the work of seven groups, each exploring different aspects of migration and presenting innovative approaches to address the needs of migrants. Each of the things displayed in the lobby has a meaning. From the black and white checkered carpet which mimics the Taipei main station hall—a meeting point for migrants, to the furniture and the TV which symbolizes the dual reality of migrants in Taiwan and their virtual connections with their families back home. This way, the setup aims to convey the resilience and adaptability that characterizes the journey of migrants.

The opening ceremony took place at 2 PM on Friday, 5th January 2024. It was attended by esteemed guests, including the dean of the ICI College, distinguished professors, and partners from the University Social Responsibility (USR) project. This event marks an important milestone in recognizing the significance of migration and promoting social inclusivity. From preserving cultural identities to navigating public transportation systems, the exhibition covers a wide range of topics relevant to migrants in Taiwan.

Group 3 and Group 4 have been awarded first place for their outstanding contributions. Group 3, Indoflavor: understanding a culture through food, aims to introduce Indonesian cuisine to Taiwanese people to understand the background of migrants better, thus hoping to contribute to a more inclusive society. Group 4 focuses on raising awareness about fraud prevention through an innovative campaign using TikTok videos and YouTube shorts. Visitors are encouraged to scan the QR codes available at their stand, watch the engaging videos, and share this valuable information with fellow migrants.

The exhibition was the closing event for the Migration 101 course taught by Professor Tzu-Chi Ou. Students, upon interview, shared their thoughts about what they have learned throughout the course and while preparing for the exhibition. Students commented that the exhibition taught them how to convey the main idea of a project in just a few minutes, as well as multitasking and teamwork. A student also shared that this event helped enrich her experiences working with others. She also highlighted the great work of all the groups, especially Group 1, Navigating Cultures: Preserving Caribbean Migrant’s Cultural Identities in Taiwan, whose decoration gave light to the hard work behind the preparations.

We cordially invite everyone to visit the exhibition, which will be on display until Jan. 11th. Come to explore the remarkable work presented by the seven groups. Join us in recognizing the importance of migration and celebrating the diversity that enriches our society.
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