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Unlocking Virtual Realms: NCCU's "Digital Games and Society" Course with Immersive VR Experience at VR ZONE NEW TAIPEI

Date : 2023-11-15 Department : International Master's Program in International Communication Studies
【Article by IMICS】
The full English course "Digital Games and Society", offered by Dr. Tammy Jih-Hsuan Lin, Program Director of the International Master’s program in International Communication Studies (IMICS), at the College of Communication, focuses on theories and research in the digital game literature as well as the latest trends in game technology. This course received grants from the NCCU Office of International Cooperation of Exchange Program and the College of Communication's Higher Education Program, allowing students to experience VR games at VR ZONE NEW TAIPEI on 11/6 (Monday). They all exclaimed, "It's great to be able to play so many different games in one day!”

VR ZONE NEW TAIPEI, located at 8F of Grand Gateway Plaza in New Taipei, with the most VR games available in Taiwan, including the well-known co-products " Taiko no Tatsujin VR", "Neo-Genesis Evangelion VR The Soul of the Throne: Rampage", "Mario Racing ARCADE GP VR", and the shooting game "VR Rhythmic Shooting Bee Frenzy", and "Extreme Dare". In addition, there are also shooting games "VR Shooting Bee Fever", experience riding flying bicycles and rafts in the VR world with "Extreme Dare Test - Flying Bike", and "Rafting Adventure VR Rapids". There is also the indispensable horror game "Frightening Reality Experience Room Sick House Escape Omega" for everyone to try their guts. Other than Mario Racing a competitive multiplayer game, there are more multiplayer cooperative games, where players rely on the built-in microphone on the VR to connect in real-time and help each other to solve puzzles. The horror game in which only one group of people can see the map and has to guide the other group to escape, or the canoeing game in which you need to slide the paddle to control the boat movement.

Yang, a student in the course, said that he liked the joint and heartfelt game design mechanism, “I like Taiko no Tatsujin and Mario Racing the most, they don't just move the existing games into VR, but also make good use of the characteristics of VR, such as the sense of space, and the use of props are more in line with the way of human use,” Hu, who has finished the challenge of horror games, also said that “VR breaks through the limitations of the physical haunted house, the monsters will directly stick to your face and scare you”. Several facilities in the venue are in line with the theme of the hardware ride device, the flying bike will allow players to sit on the bike seat, Hou said “I like the flying bike, the scenery is good, and the game's control device is also good intention, let me feel as if I was flying inside!”. Lin also mentioned, “It's the first time I've played a game with my friends in VR, it's so special!”

Although there is VR equipment in the orientation laboratory on the campus of National Chengchi University is only available as stand-alone machines, the professor of this course, Dr. Tammy Jih-Hsuan Lin, said, “VR ZONE provides a somatosensory and multi-player cooperative playing mechanism, which is a unique opportunity and experience for students”. This event allows students to experience the new vision and possibilities of VR games in person, hoping to bring students more knowledge and inspiration about the VR game industry.
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