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IMICS International Student Yulgong Lee Won 1st Prize at NeMaf 2023

Date : 2023-09-23 Department : International Master's Program in International Communication Studies
【Article by IMICS】
Yulgong, a distinguished year three student studying International Master’s Program in International Communication Studies (IMICS) from Korea, garnered acclaim at the 23rd Seoul International ALT Cinema & Media Festival (NeMaf 2023). It is hosted by the Korean Alternative Video Arts Association and iGong, the Alternative Visual Culture Factory, and organized by The 23rd Seoul International ALT Cinema & Media Festival Executive Committee. This esteemed festival enjoyed support from the Korean Film Council (KOFIC), the Seoul Metropolitan Government, and the Mapo-gu District Office. The event unfolded in Seoul from August 10 to 22.

NeMaf, a venerated fixture on Korea's alternative film festival landscape since 2000, champions media-based art and films characterized by innovative themes and forms. The festival of 2023 themed, '[Expansion of Entangled Bodies]', resonated with 1052 submissions from over 50 nations. Among them, only 46 works earned the distinction of being finalists across various categories, encompassing the Korean Section (16 works), Glocal Section (18 works), Long-length Section (5 works), and New Media Section (6 works). While the New Media Section featured an exhibition, the remaining categories offered screenings during the festival. Yulgong won the 1st prize in the section "Best NewMedia Art" at at NeMaf 2023.

Yulgong, whose background includes a BFA in Entertainment Design, honed his filmmaking skills during his studies. His introduction to NeMaf came through a college professor specializing in media cultural studies, who delivered a lecture on the festival the previous year.

Yulgong's diverse experiences encompass crafting promotional and educational videos for the Korean Air Force's Education Command, producing promotional videos during an internship at the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, and serving as an assistant teacher for Basic Photography at Gyeonggi Media Broadcasting Science High School. He also excelled as a content designer at AmorePacific Corporation, creating promotional materials and AR content.

Under the title <在 - 있는 사람들의 초상> (JAE - Portraits of the People in Being), Yulgong pioneered a distinctive form of visual storytelling, which he dubbed "video portraits". This series of interview-based videos, presented in portraits and a magazine series, unveils untold stories of marginalized voices - HIV-infected individual, migrant worker, North Korean defector, and mothers of gay individual. Through unfiltered encounters on screen, the audience confronts the humanity of these ordinary neighbors sharing the same space and time. Yulgong's work earned a nomination in the New Media section for exhibition, delivering these stories unadulterated and unapologetically.

Approximately 9 to 10 months from conception to completion, Yulgong's project goes through meticulous planning, research, and casting, with special care taken due to the sensitive nature of the subjects. Though faced with formidable competition from seasoned full-time artists, Yulgong's victory was met with honor and humility. He saw himself as a recipient and a representative, shining a light on those who generously contributed to his vision.

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Article by Josie HIEW HUI SAN (IMICS 111)
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