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IMICS 2023 Orientation: Embracing Fresh Talent, Igniting Innovation!

A group photo including all the professors, advisors, staff, year 1 and year 2 students from IMCIS.(Photo by IMICS)
Dr. Katherine Yi-Ning Chen, the dean of the College of Communication, commenced the orientation with a motivational address.(Photo by IMICS)
IMICS Director, Tammy Jih-Hsuan Lin, introduced to the students the program and its graduation requirements.(Photo by IMICS)
Dr. Tsung-Jen Shih will immerse students in the rich tapestry of Communication Theories this semester and will delve into Statistics in Communication next year.(Photo by IMICS)
Dr. Trisha Lin will guide students through the intricacies of research methodology this semester and will lead a captivating course on New Media Convergence next year.(Photo by IMICS)
Dr. Sumei Wang will shed light on the intricate landscape of Urban Media Studies.(Photo by IMICS)
Dr. Yi-Hsiu Chen will be delving into the world of Human-Computer Interaction Design.(Photo by IMICS)
Dr. Chein-Chih Lu will be navigating the complex terrain of Media and Entertainment Law in the Digital Age.(Photo by IMICS)
Dr. Kenny Chow will be guiding students through the art of Digital Storytelling in 2024 spring.(Photo by IMICS)
Dr. Ssu-Han Yu will unravel the dynamics of Emerging Media and the News.(Photo by IMICS)
Dr. Yi-Chieh Lin and Dr. Christine Cook will lead the way in Digital Narratives and New Media Technology.(Photo by IMICS)
Dr. Hong-Chi Shiau will guide students to learn more about how the marketing works for the multinational enterprise.(Photo by IMICS)
IMICS 2nd-year student, Schawin, shared his experience with the course selection.(Photo by IMICS)
Ondrej, IMICS 2nd-year student, shared his past campus life experience with NCCU and IMICS.(Photo by IMICS)
Roger and Alice, IMICS 2nd-year students, talked about their internship experience at Taiwan Plus.(Photo by IMICS)
Josie, IMICS 2nd-year student, served as the emcee of IMICS Orientation 2023.(Photo by IMICS)
IMICS 1st-year students took turn to introduce themselves.(Photo by IMICS)
The orientation culminated with an engaging ice-breaking session by Irene.(Photo by IMICS)
The orientation culminated with an engaging ice-breaking session by Irene.(Photo by IMICS)
Date : 2023-09-12 Department : International Master's Program in International Communication Studies
【Article by IMICS】
On September 11, the International Master’s Program in International Communication Studies (IMICS), recently hosted a formal orientation in honor of new students returning to school. This year, applications poured in worldwide after the pandemic subsided. As a result, students from various countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Paraguay, and the United States attended the orientation on schedule alongside IMICS professors, advisors, and staff. The students were enthusiastic to embark on their journey with IMICS.

The orientation commenced with a motivational address from the College of Communication's dean, Dr. Katherine Yi-Ning Chen. She encouraged students to excel in academics and relish their time in Taiwan. Afterward, the director of IMICS, Dr.Tammy Jih-Hsuan Lin, introduced the program and its features, instructors, and curriculum structure.

Additionally, all professors teaching in the upcoming semester were present at the orientation to introduce their intriguing courses to the students. The professors included Dr. Trisha Lin (Research Methods & New Media Convergence), Dr. Tsung-Jen Shih (Communication Theories & Statistics in Communication), Dr.Tammy Jih-Hsuan Lin (Digital Games and Society), Dr. Sumei Wang (Urban Media Studies), Dr. Yi-Hsiu Chen (Human-Computer Interaction Design), Dr. Chein-Chih Lu (Media and Entertainment Law in the Digital Age), Dr. Kenny Chow (Digital Storytelling), Dr. Ssu-Han Yu (Emerging Media and the News), Dr. Yi-Chieh Lin, and Dr. Christine Cook (Digital Narratives and New Media Technology) and Dr. Hong-Chi Shiau (International Media Advocacy and Social Marketings).

Schawin, shedding light on the art of course selection, provided pro tips on securing preferred classes, ensuring a seamless academic journey. Ondřej, an accomplished member of the NCCU football team, regaled attendees with his athletic exploits and treated them to a captivating drone-shot video showcasing the vibrant student life at IMICS. Roger and Alice, both actively engaged in internships offered by Taiwan Plus, imparted their strategies for thriving in a professional work environment, offering a unique perspective to their peers.

Moving on, emcee Josie introduced the IMICS buddies, including Alice, Bafi, Chao An, Irene, and Schawin. These students have been assigned to assist the incoming first-year students in acclimating to their new academic environment, providing essential support in various aspects, including course selection and administrative matters, along with the opportunity for informal gatherings.

The orientation culminated with an engaging ice-breaking session by Irene, designed to foster mutual understanding amongst students. This interactive activity required participants to recognize each other’s names swiftly.

IMICS 2023's orientation event enriched the incoming students with valuable insights and underscored the supportive community fostered within the program. As the academic year commences, IMICS remains committed to nurturing an environment of collaboration, innovation, and academic excellence.

IMICS, established in 2006, concentrates on enhancing students' research and practical abilities in media studies, cross-cultural communication, and other communication-related topics. This program offers a platform for international and local students to share their observations and experiences, contributing to the diversity of National Chengchi University and improving its international reputation.

For more information, please refer to the following links:

• IMICS Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/nccuimics/
• IMICS Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/IMICSNCCU
• IMICS official website:https://www.imics.nccu.edu.tw/
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