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Cultural blending, leading to the world! The splendid conclusion of the 2023 International Freshman Orientation.

Date : 2023-09-12 Department : Office of International Cooperation (OIC)
【Article by Office of International Cooperation】
“The Office of International Cooperation (OIC) will be your first stop to understand National Chengchi University (NCCU). Even if we cannot provide a solution, we will connect you with the right person who holds the key to your questions.” On September 8, 2023, the International Freshman Orientation kicked off with the warm welcome from the OIC. The event took place in the Law Building's 3rd-floor auditorium of the Administrative Building. With the reopening of borders, the venue was filled to capacity. Distinguished guests included Professor Wei Meijuan, the Wenshan Police Precinct, Taipei City Fire Department and the NCCU Mental Health Center, who shared comprehensive information on inclusive education, disaster preparedness, and mental health care. This year, the NCCU International Cafe(政大新生書院)also joined the event, breaking down barriers and enthusiastically inviting international students to interact with local freshmen, allowing them to share the joy of entering NCCU's campus.

"Education has its value, and it matters," said Vice President Shu-Heng Chen during his speech. He pointed out that students' choice of NCCU might be based on various considerations, but NCCU's focus is solely on providing quality education and continuously strengthening its connections with the international community under the principles of "multilingualism, multidisciplinarity, and multiculturalism." The "cultural genes" brought by international students of different nationalities will trigger qualitative changes and weave a bridge to the world, broadening horizons for both sides. Associate Vice President of the OIC, Elain Lin also mentioned that NCCU offers up to 880 courses in English and has the highest proportion of foreign faculty among all tertiary institutions in Taiwan. Choosing NCCU means immersing oneself not only in a fully Chinese-speaking environment but also in a culturally diverse setting.

Bid farewell to the shadows of the pandemic; students can finally cast off their masks and show warm smiles during the group photo session. Miguel and Anna, who are NCCU international students and the host of 2023 Orientation, were steady and charismatic, breaking down barriers with interactive games involving greetings from different countries, filling the venue with laughter. As NCCU International Cafe also joined the event to promote back-to-school activities, Director Tang Jingping of the OIC once again emphasized the concept of the "International Village," encouraging international students not only to move between school and dormitories but also to explore the local community, experiencing the various aspects of Taiwan's beauty, making their overseas study experience truly unforgettable.

In September 2023, the OIC has planned a whole month of activities for new students, including the existing one-stop registration and IKEA daily necessities purchase. This year, there are arrangements for family receptions and interactions with international students, and on September 11, there is a planned lunch gathering. On September 16, a trip to Maokong's mountains and forests is scheduled, featuring activities with the U-Theatre, including meditation, walking, and tea ceremonies, to experience the creative energy of the local area. Through more soft activities starting from the community, we hope international students will see the diversity of Taiwan. For more information and exciting event highlights, please follow the official Facebook page and IG account of the OIC office, listed as below:

OIC FB:https://www.facebook.com/OIC.NCCU
OIC IG:https://www.instagram.com/oic.nccu/
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