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ICI International Connection: Unleashing the Potential of Student Internships and Innovative Leadership

Date : 2023-06-02 Department : International College of Innovation
【Article by International College of Innovation】
On June 1st, Mr. Fernando Mariano Schmidt Hernández, Director of the Chilean Trade Office, and Dr. Janet Tan, Lecturer at San José State University, visited the International College of Innovation (ICI). Meeting with Professor Wen-Ling Tu, Dean of ICI, Professor Hsien-Ming Lien, Vice-Dean of ICI, as well as Professor Ping-Yin Kuan, Chair of the International Cooperation Advisory Committee of ICI, they discuss not only the bilateral trade relationship between Taiwan and Chile and the wrestle of international politics in Latin America but also the potential for future internships for ICI students.

Director Hernández and Dr. Tan, both alumni of the International Doctoral Program in Asia-Pacific Studies (IDAS) at National Chengchi University, have comprehensive knowledge of international political economy and rich experience in trade communication and entrepreneurship. Dr. Tan shared that the concept of innovative leadership lies in generating new ideas and creating more value, rather than solely pursuing financial profit. Leadership also involves preparedness, pre-design, strategic management, and accumulation. She will conduct a four-day workshop in early July at National Chengchi University, where participants will engage with entrepreneurs and adopt their thinking process to develop practical reports, with a final presentation of the projects. Students interested in participating are encouraged to closely follow the updates on the official website of ICI (https://ici.nccu.edu.tw/). Meanwhile, Director Hernández is also willing to provide internship opportunities at the Chilean Trade Office for students proficient in Spanish/English and Mandarin. This internship aims to cultivate interns’ skills and experiences in connecting importers and exporters and enlarging networks, which will greatly benefit their future careers.

The enthusiastic discussions opened up possibilities for further cooperation, hoping that through various courses and internships, students can develop a broader and deeper international perspective, accumulate practical experience, and finally become visionary talents who can lead the future.
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