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The premier NCCU College of Commerce exchange students’ soccer tournament

Date : 2023-05-23 Department : College of Commerce
【Article by College of Commerce】
National Chengchi University (NCCU) has always been a hub for cultural exchange, academic excellence, and sporting events. On May 13th, the university made history by hosting the first-ever College of Commerce Exchange Student Soccer Championship at HuanShan Sports Center. The event brought together exchange students from all over the world to compete in a friendly yet competitive soccer tournament.

The idea of the tournament was inspired by a group of soccer players who wanted to make their games more competitive. Mathieu le Borne from EM Strasbourg Business School, France; Javier Vaquer from Ramon Llull University, Spain; Nicolas Ollinger from Nova School of Business & Economics, Portugal and Manuel Alvarez Jerez from IE Business School, Spain organized the tournament. Soccer is a common sports game in Europe, the home region of most of the organizers.

The tournament was incredibly international, with 10 teams representing France, Finland, Spain, Paraguay, Germany, Taiwan, Kyrgyzstan, the UK, and others. The exchange students competed enthusiastically, showcasing their skills and playing with passion. The event was not only about soccer; it provided an opportunity for exchange students to meet and interact with each other. They shared their cultures and experiences and made new friends. It was truly a melting pot of cultures and ideas as there were more than 10 nationalities on the fields.

The tournament started in the early afternoon, with teams arriving at the HuanShan Sports Center at 12 pm. The weather was perfect for outdoor sports, the teams then proceeded to warm up before the first game. The tournament was divided into two groups of five teams each, with each team playing four games. The top two teams from each group would proceed to the semifinals and then the finals.

The games were competitive, with each team trying their best to win. The players had different styles of play, with some relying on speed and agility while others prioritized teamwork and strategy. Nevertheless, the games were exciting to watch, with the audience cheering and applauding every good play. The teams were evenly matched, with no clear favorites. Each team had their strengths and weaknesses, and it was a matter of who could exploit them better. The games were also unpredictable, with some teams staging comebacks and others conceding goals at crucial moments.

Samuel Saily from Hanken School of Economics, Finland was confident about bringing his team to victory, stating that he had been playing soccer for years. He was glad that there was such a game for exchange students to participate in and a great way to spend time with classmates and fellow exchange students outside the classroom.

The tournament was not just about soccer; it was also an opportunity for exchange students to showcase their talents and skills. It was a chance for them to represent their countries and cultures and to learn from each other. The tournament was a platform for them to build their confidence, make new friends, and have fun.

Shayne Miller, an exchange student from ICHEC Brussels Management School, Belgium, also expressed his motivation to join the event, stating that he loves competitiveness in sports. He had a lot of fun playing the game, but obviously, signing up for a competitive game, he had expectations to win and play his best to take the winning spot.
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