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The NCCU Food Festival Returns with a Bang after the Pandemic: 33 Exotic Stalls Gathered Together

Date : 2023-05-17 Department : Office of International Cooperation (OIC)
【Article by Office of International Cooperation】
The NCCU Food Festival commenced at noon on May 16th. Thirty-three stalls showcasing classic cuisine from nineteen countries demonstrated the diverse yet inclusive essence of the NCCU campus. It attracted numerous local and international students who gathered at Ba De Avenue to savor flavors from around the globe. This is the first time the event has been held since the outbreak of the pandemic. President Tsai-Yen Li, General Secretary of the Secretariat, Pai-Lin Chen; Acting Vice President for Student Affairs Yen-lung Tsai; Associate Vice President for Student Affairs Meng-Hsuan Ku; and Vice President for International Cooperation Ching-Ping Tang were all invited to witness this historic moment.
The opening ceremony began with a lion dance performance from the Muzha Junior High School Lion Dance Troupe. The four lion dancers moved in an orderly manner, accompanied by magnificent drum beats, attracting many people to stop and watch. Subsequently, the lion dance troupe performed a sugar-throwing ceremony, and the audience eagerly competed to catch the candies with blessings, bringing the event to a climax. After a series of wonderful performances by the NCCU Tap Dance Society and the Overseas Chinese Students Association, the opening ceremony officially marked the beginning of the NCCU Food Festival.
In President Li's opening remarks, he expressed gratitude to the Office of Student Affairs, the Office of International Cooperation, and the College of Foreign Languages for their preparation and organization. He also thanked the skies for granting such clear weather during a typically rainy season. Additionally, he encouraged students to participate in overseas exchanges and internships, experience and understand the cultural characteristics of different countries, and broaden their horizons.
After the opening ceremony, President Li personally visited each stall, and the first stop was the food stall from Paraguay. As the official language of Paraguay is Spanish, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs Meng-Hsuan Ku, who is also a professor in The Department of European Languages and Cultures, took the initiative to communicate and translate. The stall was run by three IDAS doctoral students: Adriana greeted the guests, Pablo grilled chicken and pork skewers, and Nadia made cheese balls (Chipa Almidón). Each cheese ball was accompanied by a paper note with a blessing written in the local Guarani language, a gift from Nadia to the professors and fellow students. Associate Vice President for Student Affairs Meng-Hsuan Ku, who had visited Paraguay before, praised the cheese balls after tasting them, exclaiming that they were as delicious as she remembered.

There were also several stalls that caught the attention of NCCU faculty and students with their hometown specialties. The Russian food stall sold Olivye salad, raspberry jelly, blini with mashed potatoes, kvass, and other local Russian delicacies and drinks. The mashed potatoes were sold out within ten minutes due to pre-orders. With the help of Professor Helena from the department of Slavic Language & Literatures, foreign students from the Czech Republic also enthusiastically participated in the event, hoping to enhance international exchanges between teachers and students. Another popular stall was run by members of the NCCU Vietnam Society (VSA NCCU). They were all dressed in Vietnamese attire. Among the many dishes, the Vietnamese-style ham noodle soup was the most popular.

The NCCU Food Festival will continue to operate on Ba De Avenue today and tomorrow (May 17th - 18th). We sincerely invite all teachers and students to seize this rare opportunity to personally taste cuisine from around the world and enjoy this multicultural carnival. Each stall has its unique story and background, waiting for everyone to explore and understand.
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