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41 Colleges Gather for NCCU Partner Day, Looking towards a New Era of Post-COVID Higher Education

Date : 2023-03-10 Department : Secretariat
【Article by Office of International Cooperation】
On March 10, 2023, National Chengchi University’s "NCCU Partner Day" was Held at the NCCU Research, Innovation, and Incubation Center on March 10, the NCCU Partner Day brought together nearly 60 guests from Thailand, Japan, Mexico, Germany, the Czech Republic, Turkey and Estonia, along with US Fulbright Scholars. It was the largest visiting group after the border restriction was lifted. Following the presentation, the international guests toured the NCCU campus and then visited Wulai, an indigenous tribe located at the outskirt of Taipei, to experience local aboriginal culture. Through these kinds of substantive exchanges and experiences, National Chengchi University is emerging as a the world’s window on the unique beauty of Taiwan and its culture.

President Tsai-Yen Li opened with the words of the British Poet Laureate John Masefield, pointing out the strong value of university education and also thanked the guests from all over the world for cherishing the alliance and traveling to gather together after the pandemic. OIC Vice President Tang pointed out that Taiwan is a place where Eastern and Western cultures and innovations converge, and hoped that the democracy and diversity of Taiwanese society can bring better influence to the world. OIC VP Tang showcased the internationalization policy of NCCU at the meeting. He also stated that NCCU will spare no effort to build a local international village and fulfill its social responsibilities.

The past few years have seen considerable changes to existing modes of international exchange and overseas study. Building on Taiwan's pivotal geostrategic position, the director of NCCU Chinese Language Center, Alan, Hao Yang, addressed that CLC has effectively enhanced its cooperation with partners in the Indo-Pacific region, providing new scholarships and programs to ensure graduates develop a uniquely deep understanding of regional affairs along with their language skills.

Dr. Oliver Dinius, the Executive Director of the Croft institute for International Studies at the University of Mississippi and also one of the representatives of Fulbright IEA program, has prepared gifts to NCCU President Tsai, to show his gratitude to NCCU for hosting this event. Even as a first-time traveler to Taiwan, he had frequently heard about the school and impressed by the reputation of National Chengchi University, and has been continually amazed by its lively, diverse campus while visiting here. He was also looking forward to further cooperation in the near future.

This gathering presented not only a global dialogue between academic departments, but also a high-level exchange for leaders in the higher education sector. Led by the OIC, the attendees exchanged views and experience with the aim to further remove barriers to deep and fruitful collaboration. Constructive meetings with other international partner institutions raised bright prospects for the further improvement of bilateral cooperation.There were 41 colleges attending the gathering, and among the participating institutes of National Chengchi University includes College of Education, College of Commerce, College of Social Sciences, College of Liberal Arts, College of International Affairs, College of Informatics, College of Foreign Languages, College of Law, College of Communication, International College of Innovation, Institute of International Relations, Humanities Research Center, Research Center for Mind, Brain and Learning, Taiwan Studies Center, Election Study Center and Center for Creativity and Innovation Studies.

After the meeting, OIC student ambassadors escorted the guests on a campus tour. Much had changed since the last such visit three years previously, including the construction of the Dah Hsian Seetoo Library and improvements which have transformed the NCCU campus into a place better suited for welcoming international students. At Wulai, the visitors enjoyed learning about the unique cultural life of Taiwan’s indigenous peoples, including archery and weaving. Visitors drank in the wondrous scenic beauty of the Wulai mountains while overlooking the stunning Wulai waterfall. After the banquet, guests departed with locally woven gift bags presented by the OIC, a sustainably produced memento of their time at NCCU and a token of our joint commitment to further developments in cooperation in higher education.
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