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National Chengchi University Cultivates Creative Cross-Disciplinary Talents and Encourages Self-Exploration

Date : 2022-09-22 Department : Secretariat
【Article by Li Yun-hsuan】
"Explore your inner self and follow your heart," National Chengchi University (NCCU) President Li Tsai-yen has told students, adding they should learn core skills that can enrich their lives on the friendly campus.

He said he was confident that NCCU can provide students with digital skills, diversity, and autonomy. Furthermore, in order to build the university into an even more diverse, resilient, and poetic learning space, he proposed the "4P education model," which includes: peers, passion, project, and play.

Given that digital transformation is an unstoppable wave, Li said that if NCCU students acquired four key abilities – creativity, computational thinking, design thinking, and software engineering concepts – they would be welcomed by any industry. A professor in the X program, Li prompted students to think outside the box and encouraged them to
explore their potential.

Informatics is one of the core courses at NCCU, while Li has been assisting the Ministry of Education in promoting computer programming nationwide for the past five years. More than 600,000 students have taken related courses and NCCU will carry on promoting the subject.

Li said he was happy to welcome freshmen to NCCU’s big family and encouraged them to spend more time exploring the charming campus and getting to know themselves, instead of setting their minds on chasing after so-called useful and popular skills.

He said that NCCU has the highest ratio of students to have two majors, while learning across disciplines is an NCCU student tradition. Together, students and professors will grow in a warm and friendly learning environment to become caring modern citizens.
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