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The International College of Innovation at NCCU hosted a two-day workshop on Entrepreneurship and Innovation Business

Date : 2022-09-19 Department : International College of Innovation
【Article by International College of Innovation】
The International College of Innovation at NCCU hosted a two-day workshop on entrepreneurship and innovation business on September 5th and 7th, 2022. The college invited Jeremy Wei to be the lecturer, who is the current CTO of Foxit Software and supervises 400 data scientists and engineers. With his extensive experiences, students had the rare opportunity to explore the real-world business and to know what traits are required for starting one’s innovative business in Silicon Valley.

To begin with, students were introduced with the idea of “Grit ability.” Wei emphasized that people with high Grit ability tend to continue their goals more than other people. Then, students were invited to explore frameworks and definitions of entrepreneurship and innovation. And they learned how to write an innovative business plan with the given template and were divided into groups for proposal brainstorming. Wei stressed the importance of concise, well-defined, and specific presentations for their proposals. Students were then helped step by step to develop their “elevator pitches.” Wei helped the groups to concretize their ideas and a lot of great start-up ideas came to the table. He encouraged students to have confidence during their pitch and never give up easily when faced with challenges. Yet Wei still stressed not all innovative proposals end on a good note. Entrepreneurs always need to ask the three critical questions to themselves: “Do you like it?” “Would you use it?” and “Will you buy it?”. And a pilot testing is necessary for every start-up idea.

After developing their projects throughout the 2-day workshop. On the final day, each group had to prepare their presentation within 6 slides and 6 minutes. And students would be challenged by Wei from the viewpoints of would-be investors. With the practice, the students learned the knowledge and techniques for great pitching and for how to start a new business. It should be no surprise if one day, some of these students will become successful entrepreneurs themselves and will start businesses that have impacts all over the world.
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