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Announcement that all courses this semester will begin remote teaching starting May 16,2022 (Monday) until the end of the semester.

Date : 2022-05-16 Department : Secretariat
In response to the subsequent development of the pandemic, taking into account the possible risk of infection for teachers and students in classrooms and traveling back and forth between classes, also taking into account the university’s arrangements for epidemic prevention, all courses this semester will take place remotely, from now until the end of the semester. All staff and students, please cooperate with the university’s arrangements

Relevant points to keep in mind:

1. There are still 5 weeks from now until the end of the semester. Instructors are kindly requested to arrange how the course will be conducted remotely, and be sure to inform all students in the class regarding the changes, and provide additional directions in the course syllabus.

2. The remote teaching method of physical education courses and related information will be announced by the Physical Education Office. For practical classes, internships and experimental courses, instructors are to change to either remote or other alternative teaching methods.

3. When conducting remote teaching, instructors are requested to pay attention to maintaining the quality of teaching and of all students' attendance and learning status.
In line with the changes in teaching and assessment, teachers are requested to adjust the criteria and standards for the assessment of students' grades this semester, and make all changes are explained to the students, in order to avoid any disputes over the assessment of their semester grades.

4. Each department is kindly asked to provide relevant assistance needed in regards to both instructors and students during this period of remote teaching, in order for each course to successfully complete their progress arranged for this semester.

5. From today on, all classrooms of this department will be reserved solely for teachers and students in the course originally scheduled in the time slot, to coordinate related needs for remote teaching, such as recording videos. The classrooms will not be available to be lent out at any other times.

6. This semester, printing services for the final exam papers will be suspended. Si Wei Hall will also not be available to be lent out as an exam location. Final exams are to be changed to either online or other remote assessment methods.

7. The Computer Center and the Center for Teaching and Learning Development will continue to provide relevant information and consultations regarding any remote teaching plans, and will fully assist instructors in smoothly implementing remote teaching until the end of the semester.

8. The degree examination for master and doctoral students can be conducted via webcam. However, the whole process should be recorded and archived for future reference. For those who will be taking the degree examination via video, the department should make reference at the first department meeting in the first semester of the 2022 academic year at the latest.

9. Academic matters such as leaving the school after graduation, and summer courses will be announced separately, in accordance to the future development of the epidemic.
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