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National Chengchi University to establish College of Global Banking and Finance

Date : 2022-03-23 Department : Secretariat
【Article by Secretariat】
In line with the goal of “National Key Fields Industry-University Cooperation and Skilled Personnel Training” to cultivate talents in international finance, National Chengchi University was authorized by the Ministry of Education to establish the College of Global Banking and Finance. It aims at internationalizing the financial industry in Taiwan and bringing together the economic accomplishments achieved by overseas Chinese, Taiwanese businessmen, and the high-tech industry. The institute is expected to provide services for Taiwanese entrepreneurs and local companies and further play a key role in the global financial sector, like Taiwan’s semiconductor companies do.

President of NCCU Kuo Ming-chung stated that collaboration between industry and the university is an important policy for NCCU. We are the most qualified school to cultivate cross-country talents as we lead at internationalization, and we have excellent colleges of law and commerce. The future graduates are scheduled to work in the financial sector abroad. The new college will adopt bilingual teaching and even expand it to a third language. For instance, if you work in Southeast Asia, you should acquire the ability to speak the local language. The foundation of the College of International Money and Banking is a joint effort by the Ministry of Education, National Development Council, Taiwan Financial Services Roundtable, and Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance, and they will continue to team up in the future. NCCU will gather outstanding domestic and foreign professors and teach with a 1:4 teacher ratio as the principal. The new school will be located in the Center of Public and Business Administration Education. In the near future, it is going to establish an international financial zone.

The college will have a tentative period of eight years with the first three years to set up master's and doctoral programs, and the performance will be evaluated in the last two years. In this period of time, the government will support the national fund, along with money from eight major banks and stock exchange cooperation, with a total of 27 organizations. The master's program will last for a year with three semesters and one summer. Courses will be taught by two tutors and professors from fields such as law, social science, commerce, information colleges, and industries. Besides two required courses, there will be four themed courses, including international asset management, financial innovation and commodities, financial compliance and supervision, ESG responsible investing, and inclusive financing.

Students up for this college should have both Chinese and English proficiency. All local students and non-native English-speaking overseas students should have TOEFL iBT 92 or above English proficiency. All foreign students’ Chinese ability, around 20% to 30%, needs to pass CWT’s elementary level. Adjustments will be made according to the situation. It is slated to enroll 120 students, including 40 general and 80 part-time master candidates, all for one year. Scholarships are freely available for outstanding students. The college emphasizes internships, and hopefully we will be able to cultivate international brains for working overseas in the future.
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