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"A Grand Tour of Creativity and Innovation in Business" guided by professor de Gregorio

Date : 2021-11-30 Department : International Master's Program in International Communication Studies
【Article by International Master's Program in International Communication Studies】
On November 27th, 2021, our visiting professor in college of communication, Dr. Federico de Gregorio had delivered an informative and amazing speech on the topic of “A Grand Tour of Creativity and Innovation in Business.” In order to offer the opportunities for both programs to learn together and facilitate the exchange and bond among two counterparts, Prof. I-Huei Cheng from IMICS and Prof. Yae-Wei Wang from EMA had collaborated and made this event happen. The event was hosted by Prof. Yae-Wei Wang while Prof. I-Huei Cheng served as an interpreter on the spot in order to enhance the audience’s comprehensibility.

Dr. de Gregorio is the associate professor of marketing in the University of Akron in the U.S., who is currently visiting NCCU. He is famous for his vivid teaching style and be loved by all his students. In his speech, Dr. de Gregorio elaborated the key concepts of “Creativity” and “Innovation” and successfully imparted the expertise to the audience. By explaining in his featured comprehensible and interesting way, he transformed the abstruse contents into an easy takeaway.

His speech mainly focused on two concepts which people usually mix up with, which are “Creativity” and “Innovation.” First of all, he illustrated the difference between pure and applied creativity; also mentioned the common beliefs about personal creativity and how to improve it effectively. Later on, he talked about the relation between creativity and innovation. In addition, he offered the great insight of how should brainstorming be done. With the help of empirical studies and professor de Gregorio’s guide, we believed that students in both programs benefited a lot from this speech and had further understanding of these two important concepts.

IMICS is the program with diversity. With the great experience of co-hosting the event with EMA and foreign scholar, we are looking forward to the promising future of cooperating with more departments and scholars with different backgrounds.
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