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Taiwan’s 1st, National Chengchi University Chair Professor Anne Wu, Won the American Accounting Association’s "Outstanding International Accounting Educator Award"

Date : 2021-10-13 Department : Secretariat

【Article by the Secretariat】

In 2021, the American Accounting Association (AAA), International Accounting Section (IAS) awarded the 32nd "Outstanding International Accounting Educator Award" to the National Chengchi University Chair Professor Anne Wu. This is the second accounting scholar in Asia and the first in Taiwan to receive this world honor. Chair Professor Anne Wu's innovative research and integrated system "Activity Value Management (AVM)" not only creates the highest glory for Taiwan's academic research, but also increases profits for Taiwan's companies and strengthens their transformational energy, making significant contributions to industries and academia. Chin-Shu Chang, the Deputy Director of the International and Cross-Strait Education Department of the Ministry of Education, and the President of the International Accounting Section of the American Accounting Association are invited to give a congratulations speech. International education seniors, academic elites, and business leaders all come to congratulate and witness this supreme glory.


“I want to make Taiwan's management accounting visible to the world!”, said Anne Wu, and she has achieved it by being awarded the "Outstanding International Accounting Educator Award", the highest award in the world, bringing honor to National Chengchi University again. President Ming-Cheng Kuo thanks Professor Wu for her contribution to the university and recognizes her as the greatest treasure of the University. “Universities play the most important role in education and in cultivating talents to accumulate more power for the society. Thanks to the former President, Mr. Cheng, for inviting Professor Wu back to the National Chengchi University to make the education being inherited and make the World better.”, said the President. President Ming-Cheng Kuo praised her for being a recognized authority on the Balanced Scorecard in Taiwan and the industry. She has been ranked among the top 100 management accounting scholars in the world for years. Her continuous dedication and research enthusiasm are a role model of research, teaching and service in Taiwan's education community.


Ting-Wong Cheng, a well-known accounting scholar and the former President of National Chengchi University, recalled that more than 30 years ago, the Accounting Department recruited 4 female professors, including Anne Wu. This made the Accounting Department of the National Chengchi University a role model in society at the time. He said that Anne Wu had chosen the toughest field of management accounting. All the research materials were required to obtain from the suppliers, that she must build a certain trust with the enterprises to obtain. Professor Wu is absolutely well-deserved for this award with her unremitting persistence. Professor Anne Wu has promoted the "Activity Value Management (AVM)" system for many years, which has helped many enterprises to reduce their costs and to systematically evaluate how much profit each department and each customer of the company generate for the enterprise. It has made a great contribution to small and medium-sized enterprises in Taiwan through the AVM Research and Development Center, a collaboration of industries, government and academia.


Anne Wu is pleased to see that the "Activity Value Management (AVM)" system can work hand in hand with Taiwanese companies to increase profits with innovation, integrate with world-class management, and jointly upgrade Taiwan's industries. AVM breaks through the management key that cannot be found in the traditional four main financial statements, and even European and American scholars are quite amazed. She sincerely thanked the International Accounting Section of the American Accounting Association for the award, and thanked all the people who have helped her. She will continue to engage in research for life, contribute her research results to academia and industries, and dedicate herself until 100 years old.


Many companies that have benefited from using AVM also showed up at the celebration. Harvey Chang, Chairman of the Wharton Cultural and Educational Foundation, said that when he was TSMC's chief financial officer, “the AVM system was introduced into TSMC's production bases to effectively analyze the product value chain and identify the most valuable customers and thus had earned more from management”. Wonderland Group, E.SUN BANK, Chenbro and Dinkle also witnessed and shared their experiences of introducing AVM to improve efficiency, decrease costs, and make better management decisions.

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