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University has updated its relevant COVID-19 pandemic prevention measures in response to the start of the new semester

Date : 2021-09-08 Department : Secretariat
【Message from the Secretariat】
The School Day is approaching. Fall Semester of the Academic Year 2021-2022 begins from September 13th; Freshmen Entrance Day is on September 22nd. In accordance to the continued severity of the pandemic situation and to follow the regulations of the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC). The University’s adjustment measures in response to the pandemic are as follows:

I. Academic Affairs
1. Courses will be taught remotely for the first two weeks of this semester (September 13th to September 26th) in principles. If the courses are conducted in-person, they must comply with the regulations relevant to the in-person courses in the ‘Guidelines for University and College Preventative Measures against COVID-19’ announced by the Ministry of Education. (Pandemic Prevention Measures of the courses for the Fall Semester 2021-2022 AY will be announced by the Office of Academic Affairs respectively)

2. The second phase of the course selection is currently in progress; the results are expected to release on September 12th. If the allocation is completed early, the Office of Academic Affairs will release the Course Selection Results early for inquiry, in the way to facilitate the students discussing with professors for the teaching format of the course in the first two weeks.

3. Students are advised to contact the course constructor/professor to find out whether the relative courses regulations are adjusted based on the principle of conducting remote teaching in the first two weeks. The Office of Academic Affairs also advises the course constructor/professor not to use the attendance of the first week as a condition for permission of taking the class.

II. Swimming Hall is open from September 8th until its closure for renovation in October. It is open, based on the manpower availability and cooperating with the campus curfew control hours, for use to the faculty, staff, and students from the University. (For details, please refer to the announcement from the Physical Education Office.)

III. General prevention measures:
1. Must wear face masks at all times, take body temperature, and conduct contact tracing registration upon your entry to the campus.

2. Social distancing measures. Keep a social distance from others at least 1.5 meters indoor and 1 meter outdoor. Crowd control and total capacity limit management should be implemented in every venue on the Campus to comply with the social distancing requirement. Indoor venues should maintain well ventilation.

3. Events and meetings organization. Prevention measures are required of contact tracing registration, mask-wearing, temperature-taking, and preparing rubbing alcohol. The numbers of people in the gathering are limited to 80 people indoors and 300 people outdoors. For those that exceed the limit, it is recommended to be conducted online, or to use an online/offline hybrid approach, or should be postponed. An epidemic prevention and control plan is required if you need to organize an in-person gathering exceeding the capacity limit. Please submit the plan to the University COVID-19 Prevention Team for review and approval, before issuing the application document to the county/city government health bureau of where the event is held.

4. Indoor activities and meetings should come with a fixed or checkerboard seating arrangement. Participants should wear face masks at all times, and eating is forbidden in the venue. You can take off your mask temporarily while drinking water. However, please refrain from talking with others and wear your mask as soon as possible afterwards. If the activity comes with a dining arrangement, the social distance between diners must be increased and separating with partitions. Avoid conversations while eating at the table. Clean and disinfect the tabletop after the meals.

5. Attendance roll calls planned by the Office of Academic Affairs will be implemented in in-person classes. It will facilitate future epidemic investigations. Wearing masks at all times, eating and drink water is prohibited in the class.

6. Avoid conversations while dining on campus. Dining is available at the on-campus restaurants (Enjoy Cafeteria, Ji Ying Building) equipped with partitions and checkerboard seating in place, or at the outdoor seating areas near The Main Library and Dah Hsian Library, or other outdoor seating areas on the campus. Dining in the classroom between class sessions is allowed if sufficient social distance can be maintained. Hypochlorous acid water is provided in each classroom, please clean the tabletop after meals.

IV. Curfew control policy. In response to the Exchange Program and the Inter-College Course Selection between the schools of the UST (University System of Taiwan), the faculty, staff, and students from the schools of the UST are applied to the same regulation with those of NCCU. They can enter the campus with their school’s ID card. Other curfew control measures are as follows:
1. Four main entrances (Main Gate, East Gate, Side Gate, and Back Entrance) are opened from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm every Monday to Friday and working days. Only two entrances (Main Gate and Back Entrance) are opened after 7:00 pm and during weekends.

2. The campus is not open to external visitors and vehicles temporarily.
For dormitory relocation and required information, please visit https://pse.is/3nvunt.
The move-in deadline has been extended to September 27th. A maximum of two relatives and friends will be allowed to enter the campus through the main entrance from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm daily prior to the move-in deadline.

V. Personal protections:
1. Self-measure your body temperature daily. Pay attention to your health condition. Always wear a mask when you are out, keep social distancing and keep your hands clean. Avoid touching your mouth, nose, eyes, and face with your hands. Avoid conversations in the elevators and press the button with a penpoint instead of using your finger.

2. If you have a fever and any respiratory symptoms, you should go to the hospital immediately. Do not go to school, work, or attend any gathering activities. If you have developed any suspected symptoms of COVID-19 or having suspected contact history with infected persons, please make an appointment for a free rapid test or PCR test at the Wanfang Hospital.

3. Those who are required for Home Isolation, Home Quarantine, Enhanced Self-Health Management, and Self-Health Management, listed under ‘CECC Measures for Following Up on Persons at Risk of Infection’, do not enter the campus for school or work.

The pandemic situation is changing rapidly. In accordance to the announcement from the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) or the guidance from the Ministry of Education (MOE), various response measures will be adjusted at any time. All faculty, staff, students, alumni of the school must cooperate with epidemic prevention measures.
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