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The College of Social Sciences Arts Time

Date : 2023-04-07 Department : College of Social Sciences
【Article by College of Social Sciences】
The College of Social Sciences Arts Time hosted a performance by the Flamenco Ensemble consisting of dance and music to provide students with a multi-sensory experience to enjoy.

The performers comprised of National Chengchi University Alumni Ye Ying-ru; dancer Li Lu; singer Chen Bo-yin; and guitarist Sergio Munoz; bringing a series of passionate and colorful performances to the students in rainy Muzha. The event was attended by many international students with the sounds of powerful dance steps, vibrant singing, and jubilant instruments, attracting more students who stopped to appreciate the performance. Chen Bai-yin encouraged the audience to shout “Ole” at the end of each song to express their applause to the performers. Thanks to their hospitality, there were constant cheers as the event went on and the performance became more enthusiastic. After the performance, some Spanish-speaking students expressed their appreciation towards the ensemble and were very satisfied with the event.

This semester, the College of Social Sciences has held many art and cultural activities, including string quartets, piano, violin duets, and other musical events. The organizers stated that students are under a lot of stress during their studies, and that a musical performance can hopefully have a positive impact on those who may be feeling pressure this academic season. Seeing the positive impact that these performing arts and cultural activities can have on students, makes the organizers feel that hosting these events are worthwhile.
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