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ICI’s Innovation Month kicked off on November 24th. The greatest minds from the industries and NGOs were invited.

Date : 2021-12-06 Department : International College of Innovation
【Article by International College of Innovation】
Innovation Month is a month-long event under a student-initiated project, ICI Month, which is supervised by the International College of Innovation, co-organized by the Student Association of ICI, and directed by the Team of ICI Month.

Starting from last Wednesday (November 24th), the Team of ICI Month is going to discuss “how innovative solutions change the world” through speeches, workshops, and forums. In the following weeks, the events will touch on different aspects of innovation, including sustainable development, information technology, technology and ethics, and democratic governance.

During the opening ceremony, the team invited Professor Hsien-Ming Lien, the Vice Dean of ICI, to make welcome remarks, and Jack Huang, the CEO of SHOULD, to deliver an opening speech. Professor Lien mentioned that the International College of Innovation encourages students to explore themselves, and try out different possibilities.

In his speech “Doing Good by Doing Well, How to Create Impact,” Jack Huang, who once served in TID and OICT of the United Nations, shared several projects of the UN to discuss how they applied innovative solutions to improve the well-being of human societies. Also, he made inspirational remarks on how we can bring positive changes to the world as individuals.

On Friday (November 26), Darice Chang and UpRoot were invited to share their experiences in “Sustainable Fashion and Eco-Friendly Trends”. To be specific, they talked about how innovative solutions can be utilized to create sustainability in the fashion industry and the catering industry.

In the upcoming weeks, the team of ICI Month welcomes the participants to continue to explore the world of innovation.

For technology and ethics, there are two events to go. In “Strengthening Democracy and Digital Defense,” ICI Professor Chung-Pei Pien and Ttcat, the CEO of Doublethink Lab, will talk about fake news and how to defeat it. As for “The Social Dilemma Film Viewing,” after the film screening of “The Social Dilemma,” ICI Professor Po-Liang Chen will lead a discussion of the crisis hiding under social media and modern technology.

For sustainable development, the team of ICI collaborated with NCCU Green 24, and invited Corey Lien, co-founder and CEO of DOMI Green, to talk about “Sustainability through Impact Business Model Innovation”. Also, in collaboration with ICI Professor Chi-Yuan Yang, wpd.Taiwan will be sharing “Climate Emergency and Offshore Wind Farms in Taiwan”.

Join the adventure to innovation here with ICI Month: tinyurl.com/ICIMONTH2021 For more information, please refer to Facebook fan page @NCCUICISA.
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