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Department of Diplomacy

"Since its establishment in 1930, the Department of Diplomacy has produced over 100 ambassadors, several foreign ministers and many political, business and academic leaders. Students are given comprehensive training in diplomacy, current affairs, economics, cultural affairs, international trade, and political science, along with regional studies with particular focuses on Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, Russia and Eastern Europe, European Union, South Asia, Middle East, Africa, North America,Latin America and Australia, New Zealand and the Oceania. Students are encouraged to develop fluency in a second foreign language."
Department of Diplomacy Office "The speech titled “Reflections on U.S. Foreign Policy in East Asia and the Pacific” is delivered by Daniel Russel, Diplomat in Residence and Senior Fellow. " International Conference on Peace and Security in the Asia-Pacific was host by Department of Diplomacy. Scholars in the field of International Relations generated abundant and significant discussion.