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Outstanding Accounting Educator Award Congratulation Ceremony and Book Launch Chair Professor Annie Wu is Thankful for Corporate Support

Date : 2022-11-14 Department : Secretariat
【Article by Secretariat】
On November 9, the congratulation ceremony of the 50th “Outstanding Accounting Educator Award” of the American Accounting Association (AAA) and the new book “Intelligent Manufacturing” release, and results presentation of CICII were held by National Chengchi University, honoring Chair Professor Anne Wu with her award in August. The ceremony was divided into two halves, the first half was the congratulation ceremony and the guest speeches, and the second half was the new book and results presentation. A number of academic, educational and industry leaders were invited to join the event to express their gratitude and blessings to Annie Wu for her many years of academic and educational contributions.

Professor Wu is the first scholar in Asia to receive the “Outstanding Accounting Educator Award” of American Accounting Association (AAA), and the first international accounting scholar in the world to receive three awards from AAA,“Outstanding International Accounting Educator Award ” in IAS, “Lifetime Contribution to Management Accounting Award” in MAS, and ”Outstanding Accounting Education Award” in all aspects of the field of accounting.

NCCU President Tsai-Yen Li, Vice President Wei-Chi Tsai, President of Taiwan Accounting Education Association Min-Jeng Shiue, Chairman of E.SUN Bank Joseph Huang, Chairman of Wonderland Group Kenny Cheng and Former President of NCCU Ting-Wong Cheng were invited to deliver their congratulatory speeches. NCCU President Li and Former President Cheng presented Professor Wu with trophy and medal to express their honor and respect for the top-tier academic scholar in Taiwan.

President Li expressed his gratitude for Professor Wu’s contributions to academia and education, and congratulated her on her award, which is a great honor for the school. He smiled and said that Professor Wu is his idol and admires her sense of mission in education. He also believes that, with Professor Wu’s enthusiasm and devotion, she will be able to achieve her goals with the help of the world.

Vice President Tsai, who is also the Dean of the College of Business, also expressed his best wishes to Professor Wu on behalf of the College of Business. He shared that Professor Wu not only focuses on her academic career, but also is a role model that many teachers and staffs respect, as she is willing to promote future generations and care for her colleagues. He also emphasized that the College of Business not only hopes to improve academic research, but also expects to advance in both teaching and community service. Professor Wu takes academic knowledge as the foundation to apply it to teaching and industry-university cooperation, which can exert influence in both academia and industry.

Chairman Min-Jeng Shiue also congratulated Professor Wu on honoring three AAA awards in one, which is a rare honor, and hoped that the world will observe outstanding scholars in Taiwan's accounting field. Chairman Joseph Huang affirmed that Professor Wu is not only a top academic achiever, but also a great influence in the industry. In addition, he also mentioned that among all the employees of E.SUN Bank, the percentage of graduates from National Chengchi University is the highest and thanked the university for nurturing numerous talents. Chairman Kenny Cheng also praised Professor Wu for her great contribution to the industry by applying theory to practice.

Former President Cheng said that Professor Wu's research field in "management accounting" can be fully applied to practice, and her academic results have benefited a lot to the industry. He believes that many of her partners are honored to receive this award. He also mentioned that an outstanding educator needs to have three qualities, including outstanding academic achievement, high professionalism and moral integrity, all of which Anne Wu meets perfectly. “Her achievements have far surpassed this award," he praised.

Finally, Professor Wu gave her acceptance speech to conclude the ceremony. “I’m flattered that these three awards have been given to Taiwan.” She recalled that her experience of working part-time when she was seven years old made her curious about the concept of "cost" and planted the seeds for a career in business. She emotionally said that she has been supported by numerous people along the way, and she attributes her success to the grace of everyone. She also indicated that in the future, she expects to establish a "Management Accounting and Sustainable Intelligence Learning platform” to help the academia and industry move into a technological and scientific era of management. She will also continue her efforts to "help Taiwan create a second economic miracle."
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