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The Forum "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Where is the Benefit after all ? The Past and Future of Globalization" successfully completed

Date : 2022-03-22 Department : Department of Diplomacy
【Article by Department of Diplomacy】
On March 17th, 2022, Mr. Nadav Eyal was invited to share his insight based on his latest published book “Revolt: The Worldwide Uprising Against Globalization”. As one of the most well-known journalists winning the Sokolov Prize, Israel’s Pulitzer, Mr. Eyal works as a senior columnist for “YEDIOT ANRONOT” daily newspaper and an analyst for “RESHET NEWS TV”.

The forum focused on the globalization issue based on Mr. Eyal’s extensive experience. Professor Cho-Hsin Su (蘇卓馨), the Director of IMPIS(International Master’s Program in International Studies) and Professor Yeh-Chung Lu (盧業中), the director of the Department of Diplomacy started the forum with a welcome speech and introduction for the seminar. Professor Mei-Chuan Wei (魏玫娟) from Graduate Institute of Development Studies and Professor Tzu-Chi Ou (歐子綺) from International College of Innovation were invited to have deep discussion with Mr.Eyal.

Mr. Omer Caspi, the representative of the Israel Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei, with his wife, Mrs. Galit Caspi, also attended to support the international academic forum between Israel and Taiwan. He said it is a great honor for him to open this seminar and celebrate Nadav Eyal’s new book launch in Taiwan. “It is a great experience to have this opportunity to cooperate with a Taiwanese academic institution and to allow Taiwanese and Israeli experts to communicate with each other.”

In particular, Nadav Eyal drew the listeners’ attention to the phenomenon of nationalism, radicalism, and populism over the past few years; an anti-globalization trend has significantly affected the global economic, cultural and political order. With his journalist background, Mr. Eyal’s book covers many fascinating stories, including a company migrating from Syria to Germany, Neo-Nazi in Germany and cases in Greece, etc. The speaker started his expression with a brief introduction of the book and his observation on the issue related to globalization. Combining the current international status, he also shared his point of view on the role of Israel in the Ukrainian-Russian War and Israel's Foreign Policy.

After Mr. Eyal gave his insights of general observations to the element of his book, Prof. Wei gave the remarks related to the 2018 election of Kaohsiung's Mayor to echo the populism phenomena in Taiwan. She believed that the liberal global order should embody the global consensus and be sustained by common beliefs on the values of such global order. Therefore, the implication of such a view is that if the majority of the population of the world do believe in the value of the liberal global order and have formed the consensus on this, then the order would continue to rise and survive.

Both Prof. Wei and Prof. Ou montioned that the term “the age of responsibility” is very crucial to the main argument presented in the book, and they reminded us to rethink this concept. Responsibility is very determinant for the survival and maintenance of the liberal globalization. Professors believed that we do have to discuss more on questions like “what kind of responsibilities should be?”, and “Who should be responsible”. Only when we have more insights on the topic, the liberal globalization could sustain successfully.

This was a very wonderful event that Mr. Eyal helped provoke our thoughts on globalization and populism. With the forum, we knew that globalization promotes human interaction in a lot of fields, but meanwhile, Mr. Eyal pointed out that we should also reflect on the negative impact of globalization on us. We really appreciate the sharing of Mr. Eyal and all the support from the Israel Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei. We look forward to the further discussions on relevant topic in the furture.
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