By Yuanling Liang (梁元齡)/Campus Reporter

In 2017, NCCU establishes its first sporting gifted program, allowing students to apply through an individual procedure. Sponsored by DADA Supreme (達達全球), the NCCU men’s division A basketball varsity will also be formed in the near future, with former SBL star player Tzu-wei Chen (陳子威) coaching the team. The closing date of the application is on January 17.

Currently, the basketball varsity of NCCU participates in amateur games of University Basketball Alliance (UBA) annually. After recruiting gifted students in sports, the school will also join the second level of professional games of UBA. The NCCU Physical Education Office stated that, under Chen’s leadership, the new varsity will aim at entering the first level of the professional games, pushing NCCU to gain a top position in the college sports field.

Scholarship, professional training and athlete services will all be offered to team members. In addition, assistant coaches and trainers will be hired to give comprehensive support. According to Ching-tsung Wang (王清欉), Chair of the NCCU Physical Education Office, the school will cooperate with enterprises run by school alumni to provide internship and other opportunities for students’ future career.

President Edward Chow(周行一) believes that an advanced training program can help promote the sports trend in NCCU.

Daniel Fongnien Chiang (
姜豐年), Chairman of board of DADA Supreme, graduates from the Department of Diplomacy of NCCU. He hopes that school identification among students can be strengthened through the process. 

New coach Tzu-wei Chen has just retired from SBL and will start his tenure at NCCU in the next semester.