"Since ancient times, the reading hunter opened the world's wisdom of the secret treasure which needed the chief hunter from generation to generation to guard. The secret treasure was hidden in the seven mysterious buildings of the NCCU campus."
While we are on the 90th anniversary of the National Chengchi University, Chiang Kai-shek library is also coinciding with the 40th anniversary celebration, in addition to the forty unlimited special exhibition, library take place "nccu 90reading hunter” activities which are divided into two stages. After completing the first stages in 7 buildings around the main campus, then go through the advanced stages in 5 buildings on the mountain campus.
For moving towards an initial test, getting the activities’ manual on the Chiang Kai-shek library lobby service desk during May 1-26 10: 00 till 18: 00 daily. Participants can read some clues and find the correct buildings based on the realization of campus history and environment, and then will draw the 7 seals totems of the 7 specific buildings on the manual. After completing the manual can receive a mysterious little gift, and obtain the chief hunter test qualification.
The chief hunter testers follow the clues of the activities website to find a 4-digit password in the Chiang Kai-shek library, and then select one of the 5 buildings on the mountain campus to unlock the lock and bring it back to the library lobby service desk to receive the award. In order to avoid tracing back and forth around the mountain, it is recommended that you have better to take photos of any suspicious digits in the library and repeat thinking and testing in the specific building. Library will renew the puzzles and password locks if there are too many testers join the game. Welcome all the new blood hunters participate the Reading Hunter Association.
Library are waiting for all the hungry hunters to find the rich knowledge food to fulfill your mind in order to accumulate the energy into a broad world. Why not take advantage of this opportunity to join the hunter task challenge, roaming search for the great beauty of the campus, bless you full of harvest, happy hunting!

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The reading hunters search for the answers.Photograph by 彭聲揚

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Reading hunters' big challenge. Photograph by 彭聲揚

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Enjoying your book hunting! Photograph by 彭聲揚