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    Insightful Speeches at the Commencement Ceremony 2018

    NCCU Commencement Ceremony was held in the Gymnasium on June 9. Graduates with blessings from family and friends gratefully said their bittersweet farewell and set off for their destination. Professional basketball player for the Brooklyn Nets of NBA Jeremy Shu-How Lin (林書豪) and Chair Professor of the College of Commerce Seetoo Dah-Hsian (司徒達賢) were invited to be guests of honor to deliver the Graduation Speeches. To leave unforgettable memories to this year's graduates, President Edward Chow (周行一) encouraged the graduates to learn and develop the ability to appreciate others; Jeremy Lin said, "to be great, you have to be a little bit crazy;" Dr. Seetoo stated, apart from learning from ourselves, we should also learn from others.

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    Jeremy Lin’s Graduation Speech at NCCU in 2018

    NCCU Graduates enthusiastically welcomed the NBA basketball star Jeremy Shu-How Lin (林書豪), guest speaker of the 2018 NCCU Commencement Ceremony in the morning session. Jeremy Lin mentioned that he never actually went to a college graduation, even to his own, and the encouragement in a sense was also letters to himself. He brought 7 things to share with NCCU graduates.

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    Team ReKove Advances to the Hult Prize Accelerator Program in London

    Converting waste food into biogas to replace electricity sounds like a fantasy, but Team ReKove from NCCU puts this concept into action in this year's Hult Campus and regional competitions. With an outstanding presentation and specific steps to prove that their project actually works, Team ReKove shows the world that there are more possibilities to green energy than what we used to know.

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    <NCCU’s 91st Anniversary> Accounting claims double crown in Volleyball and Basketball in Department Border Cups

    Department of Accounting claimed titles for Men’s basketball and volleyball in the Department Border Cup during NCCU’s 91st Anniversary Sports Day on May 19. The players in Accounting defeated those from Economics in Men’s basketball with a final score of 57-43 and also won Department of Land Economics by 2-0 in Men’s volleyball, seizing double crown.

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    〈NCCU’s 91st anniversary〉Accounting Defends the Crown in Creative Cheerleading Competition

    NCCU’s 91st anniversary creative cheerleading competition was held in two days. Departments of Public Finance and Accounting both tried the whole bag of tricks to win the championship. The Department of Accounting won the championship and creative theme award, while the Department of Public Finance was runner-up.

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    〈NCCU's 91st Anniversary〉Track and Field Games Results Released

    The results of the Men and Women’s Track and Field Games of the 91st Anniversary Sports Competition were released. This year, the event includes softball throw, long jump, high jump, shot put, sprint races of 100m, 200m, 400m, middle distances of 800m and 1,500m, long distances of 5,000m and 10,000m.

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    〈NCCU's 91st Anniversary〉Alumni Gather on Homecoming Day’s 30-Year Reunion Lunch

    Nearly 400 alumni from 28 departments were invited to Si-Wei Hall for the Homecoming Day Reunion Lunch on May 19. The alumni were first guided by the student receptionist group called “Pilot” (引水人) for a tour around the campus to recall precious memories of studying, dating, clubbing, and to witness the changes occurred in the course of 30 years.

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    〈NCCU's 91st Anniversary〉Awards are given in the 91st Anniversary Celebration Ceremony

    The 91st Anniversary Celebration Ceremony on May 18 started with performances by NCCU Symphony Orchestra and the Magic Club. Awards to the distinguished alumni, faculty, administration staff, and academic researchers of NCCU were all granted in the event.

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    ICRT interviews President Chow and impressed by NCCU's internationalization

    Stevie G, host of the Morning Show in International Community Radio Taipei (ICRT), interviewed President Edward Chow on May 15 and congratulated on NCCU’s 91st anniversary. He also expressed his appreciation for NCCU’s internationalized strategy and future outlook.

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    NCCU’s 91st Anniversary to be held on May 18 and 19

    The 91st anniversary ceremony is scheduled to be held on May 18. NCCU will present the awards to recognize achievement done by outstanding alumni, professors & researchers, staff, and students. Academic research awards and Mr. Chen Bainian’s academic paper awards will also be granted to excellent students. Besides, alumni graduated 50 years ago will come and give a yearbook to the university as a souvenir.