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    Campus Marathon attracts more than thousand runners

    While the Campus Run in NCCU was mainly participated by students, teachers, alumni and residents in the Wenshan District, it attracted many experienced runners as well as those wanting to explore the beautiful scenery around the campus.

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    University promises to renovate the gymnasium

    On rainy days, National Chengchi University Female Basketball Team captain Zhang Xiao-yun (張筱筠) would need to change the training venue, because they cannot practice on the wet basketball court in the university’s gymnasium.

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    Athletes in the NCCU Sports Game undeterred by heavy rainfall

    Despite pouring rain, athletes strived to have their best performance at National Chengchi University’s 88th Anniversary Sports Game, which took place on May 19 and May 20.

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    NCCU fails the bid to clench the football championship again

    Lack of experience and the injuries among the players led to NCCU Football Team’s 2-3 loss to Wu Feng University, securing the fourth place at UFA in the advanced category this year.

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    NCCU tennis coach receives national award

    The nation’s Sport Administration gave the Kuokuang Physical Education Award to the NCCU tennis team coach Chang Kau-lung(張凱隆) on Dec. 5 for his extraordinary contribution in raising the nation’s athletic level.

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    Campus Marathon continues despite cold weather, draws hundreds

    Despite the arrival of a cold air mass, approximately 1, 400 people participated in the annual Campus Marathon in NCCU on Dec.1.

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    NCCU wins six medals at NIAG

    NCCU sports teams bagged six medals at National Intercollegiate Athletic Games (NIAG) this year including two golds, three silvers and one bronze.

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    Dept. of Land Economics wins cheerleading contest

    With the theme of “Having fun in Muzha (食尚玩家暢遊木柵),” the Dept. of Land Economics won the championship in the cheerleading competition on May 20, making the Dept. of Public Finance fail in its bid to win a back-to-back championship.

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    Anniversary Sports Games continues despite rain

    Rain failed to dampen the enthusiasm of students and faculty in NCCU for the 87th Anniversary Sports Game, as hundreds of them participated in the opening ceremony on May 19 and 20.

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    NCCU Football Team wins champion title after 45-year wait

    NCCU Football Team won its much-anticipated second championship title at University Football Association (UFA) after beating ambitious National Taipei University (NTPU) 3-0 in the Taipei Stadium on March 31.