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    Policy on international branch schools draws mixed responses

    The draft plan of the educational innovation project in the Free Economic Pilot Zones (FEPZs) announced by the Ministry of Education on March 6 drew mixed reactions from universities, with many questioning the viability of such project.

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    Holistic education focus of the seminar

    The holistic education has gradually become the trend of the higher education in Taiwan, a consensus reached by college deans and professors from NCCU in a seminar of Chengchi College education on Feb. 21.

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    Enhancing the visibility of the Chengchi College urgent: Lin

    Prof. Lin Yuan-huei (林元輝) from the Department of Journalism said in a seminar of Chengchi College on Feb. 20 that enhancing the visibility of the college is the most urgent task facing the university.

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    Courses in Chengchi College Important to Students: Experts

    Students, faculty and the alumni of National Chengchi University gathered at the Shun-Wen Auditorium for the Chengchi College Educational Conference on Feb. 21, with the experts highlighting the importance of courses offered at Chengchi College.

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    Chengchi College nurtures generalists: NCCU President

    NCCU President Wu Se-hwa (吳思華) said in a two-day seminar on Feb. 20 that the Chengchi College was designed to combine living and liberal arts education to cultivate generalists.

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    Taiwan’s film industry is in downtime: Kim

    KOFIC commissioners, said that Taiwan should focus on developing the talents and producing the movies catering to the audiences at a speech at the National Chengchi University on Dec. 25.

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    Settling international affairs with transnational law the best attitude: Ma

    President Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) said at a conference on modern international and transnational law on Dec. 14 that peacefully dealing with international affairs according to transnational law is not only a pedantic strategy but also the best attitude.

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    Tuition rise focus of discussion

    Tuition increase became the focus of a discussion over the higher education deregulation measures between eight college deans and professors of NCCU and higher educational officials in a meeting on Dec. 6.

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    Former US Secretary of State says trust key to Sino-US relation

    James B. Steinberg, former Deputy Secretary of State of the US, said that the trust is the key to maintain a peaceful Sino-US relation in a speech at NCCU on Dec. 5.

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    NCCU hosts forum on digital preservation and research

    NCCU Library organized the 2013 Digital Preservation & Research Forum on Nov. 15 to popularize the achievement of digital preservation.