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    NCCU team wins Hult Prize

    The IMPCT team from IMBA program in NCCU won the prestigious Hult Prize for their creation of a platform that facilitates the childhood education in the urban slums in El Salvador.

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    DCT program attracts talents

    In the stage performance “The Future Circus,” which was shown at the theatre of College of Communication on May 19 this year, the director of the circus invited the audiences to go on stage...

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    IIR researcher uses comics to teach students about Japan

    A book published by a researcher of the National Chengchi University drew attention recently as he used comics to teach politics and culture in Japan.

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    New institute focuses on digitalization research

    The NCCU set up the Asia-Pacific Spatio Temporal Institute on March 19 in a bid to conduct further research on digitalization.

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    “Language cancer” does not matter: linguistic professors

    Is it really wrong when someone says that he or she just “carried out an action of reading?” Not really, according to the linguistic professors in a seminar held at NCCU on the prevalence of the so-called “language cancer” on March 14.

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    New building of the NCCU marks a new era for research

    Faculty in NCCU gathered on March 2 for the official opening of a new building at Research and Innovation-Incubation Center, marking a new era for the university in the aspects of academic research and entrepreneurship opportunities for students.

  • Professor of Graduate Institute of Linguistics Her One-soon

    NCCU Professor urges to abolish the benchmark policy for English

    Her One-soon (何萬順), professor of Graduate Institute of Linguistics in NCCU, said that the universities in Taiwan should not make passing the benchmark test for English as a requirement for graduation because it did nothing but harm to the college education.

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    Tang Kwei wins the 58th National Academic Award of Social Science

    Tang Kwei (唐揆), dean of the College of Commerce at NCCU received the 58th National Academic Award of Social Science (學術獎社會科學類科) by the Ministry of Education this year.

  • The chair professor of the Department of Management Information System Liang Ting-peng

    MIS Chair wins the AIS Leo Award

    Liang Ting-peng (梁定澎), the chair professor of the Department of Management Information System in NCCU, became the first Chinese to win the Leo Award of the Association for Information Systems.

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    RIG-GIS launched at NCCU

    The Center for Creativity and Innovation launched on Dec.15 the Regional Intellectual Capital and Governance Innovation System (RIC-GIS) at the Social Sciences Information Center of NCCU.