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    <The 2017 Bao-zhong Tea Festival> 35 departments rolled up their sleeves, draw the Bao-zhong Tea Festival to a perfect end

    The 2017 Bao-zhong Tea Festival was held on Nov. 4., attracting many high school students and their parents to participate despite of the gloomy weather , NCCU students tried their best to introduce the specialities of each department to different high school students flowed in NCCU, demonstrating ing the colorful school life and the vitality of NCCU.

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    President Chow encourages high school students to pursue their dreams in annual Boa-zhong Tea Festival

    The annual Bao-zhong Tea Festival was held on Nov. 4. Seizing the opportunity, National Chengchi University (NCCU) students introduced the campus to senior high school students who might become future NCCU students. Voice of NCCU Radio Station launched an open studio to broadcast live interviews with President Edward Chow(周行一) and Dean of Office of Academic Affairs Yu Nai-ming(于乃明). In the interview, President Chow emphasized NCCU is the only university that is well known for its excellence in the fields of humanities and social sciences among the top ones, and encouraged high school students to pursue their dreams by joining in NCCU.

  • The staff of Partner School Fair happily took a photo with exchange students to celebrate the success of the event

    Encourage students to go out of comfort zone and experience foreign culture, NCCUC held Partner School Fair

    Flags from different countries were hung in the lobby of College of Commerce. Blue decoration painted with world map and famous landmark. Office of International Programs (OIP) held Partner School Fair on November 4. Exchange students from 18 countries, 42 universities attended and introduced their schools and cultures. The exposition attracted hundreds of people and was extremely crowded.

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    NCCU Holds Excellence in Teaching and Outstanding Senior Teachers Awards Ceremony to Celebrate Teacher’s Day

    To celebrate Teacher’s Day and express gratitude to teachers, NCCU Personnel Office hold the Awards Ceremony of Excellence in Teaching in 104 academic year and Outstanding Senior Teachers in 106 academic year on September 28. In response to the global trend, President Edward Chow in his opening speech proposed the concepts of “low threshold, high standard,” inviting all the senior teachers to assist students in interdisciplinary learning and strengthening international competitiveness through the change of teaching methods.

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    NCCU Freshmen Welcome Week: Over 1,600 freshmen getting ready to start a new chapter

    In the session of “Familiarizing NCCU,” several offices provided new students with abundant information about the school. Campus security, career development, gender equality, exhibition informations, library resources and the school history were all on the guide list. In terms of the “Club Nights,” 17 clubs gave brilliant performances to show the vitality of NCCU. The video filler completely caught freshmens’ eyes, raising their anticipation on Club Exhibition.

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    NCCU Griffins Basketball is now Recruiting New Players

    The draft selection of NCCU Men’s Division I Varsity, also known as the NCCU Griffins (政大雄鷹), has been kicked off. All students interested in playing basketball, whether domestically or internationally, are welcomed to enroll in the selection, which is set to take place within three weeks after the autumn semester begins. The varsity will compete in the next season’s UBA Division II tournament from this December, competing for the championship.

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    School Informs Everyone to Stay Alert as Typhoon Nesat Approaches

    In response to the approach of Typhoon Nesat, the NCCU Campus Security called an emergent meeting in the afternoon of July 27 to manage the operation of disaster precaution.

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    Nobel Laureate Prof. Robert J. Shiller launching speech at NCCU on July 12

    In celebration of NCCU 90th anniversary, Professor Robert J. Shiller, the 2013 Nobel Prize Laureate in Economic Sciences, is invited to give a speech on July 12. Prof. Shiller is going to share his expertise under the topic of Connectivity Between Asset Price Inflation and the Financial Markets.

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    IMBA Dragon Boat Team Races in the 2017 Competition

    After two full months of practice (weekdays and weekends), the 2017 NCCU IMBA Dragon Boat Team, known as the “IMBAders” [imŸvaŸders], got their opportunity to compete with other teams during the New Taipei City Dragon Boat Cup (新北龍舟賽) in Luzhou Breeze Park (蘆洲微風運河), starting on May 29.

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    105th Graduation Ceremony Highlighted by Encouraging Speeches

    The 105th Graduation Ceremony was held on June 10. There were more than 3,000 graduates from 33 departments this year. Three distinguished guests, Wang Li-sing (王力行), Wang Jhih-hong (王智弘), and Wang Wun-hua (王文華), were also invited to share their experiences in learning, career and dreams.