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    NCCU English professor receives award from Academia Sinica

    Chao Shun-liang (趙順良), an assistant professor in the Department of English, was awarded the 2014 Academia Sinica Research Award for Junior Research Investigators on June 5 by his dedication to the research on human feelings and aesthetic modernity in the grotesque literature.

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    Bloomberg columnist talks data mining on campus

    Lee Miller, who created Bloomberg’s most-read story column in 2002, highlighted the importance of using data to tell stories accurately in a lecture on business journalism on May 21.

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    Expert stresses the importance of innovation in forum

    Arcot Desai Narasimhalu, director of Singapore Management University Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, said that business managers should regard innovation as a medicine as it creates incremental value to the target customer base.

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    Taipei Mayoral Candidate shares thoughts on death on campus

    Independent Taipei mayoral candidate Ko Wen-je (柯文哲) delivered a speech on death in English at NCCU, in which he shared his philosophy of doing things for the people rather than for fame and encouraged students to find their own philosophy of life.

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    India Research Center Offers a New Channel to India

    NCCU launched the India Research Center (IRC) on April 24 to offer more resources and materials for related research projects concerning India.

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    NCCU holds talk on Cross-strait Service Trade Pact

    The NCCU College of Social Sciences held a forum on the Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement on March 31, in which government officials, political party representatives and the university’s professors sparred over the pros and cons of the trade pact.

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    Exhibition on General Hu Zongnan opens on campus

    An exhibition titled as “The Icon of Republic of China (鼎柱民國)” opened at the National Chengchi University (NCCU) on March 26, introducing the life of the late Republic of China (Taiwan) Army general Hu Zongnan (胡宗南).

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    Experts discuss the Crimean crisis in NCCU forum

    College professors in NCCU discussed the Ukrainian crisis in a forum on March 18, with the experts sharing lesser-known facts about Crimea and the secret behind Vladimir Putin’s reign in Russia.

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    Xinjiang’s unrests a warning to cross-strait relation: experts

    Experts at a symposium at NCCU in March said that Taiwan should closely monitor how China reacted to the turmoil in the Xinjiang province as a warning to possible changes to cross-strait relations.

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    World Civilization Forum promotes Slavic culture

    Knowing the previous conflicts between Ukraine and Russian are key in understanding why the two countries fight over the control over the Crimean Peninsula, according to the experts at the World Civilization Forum in National Chengchi University on March 18.