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  • International Master's Program in Asia-Pacific Studies (IMAS) Director Calvin Lin (林左裕), right, congratulates David Blundell for receiving the Best Documentary Film Award at the United Nations Vesak Film Festival this year.

    Documentary tells the story of Indian human rights fighter

    NCCU Prof. David Blundell won the Best Documentary Film Award at the United Nations Vesak Film Festival this year for producing a documentary on Indian human rights fighter Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar.

  • Panelists talk on the influence of art and culture on the industry from the angle of academic field.

    Experts exchange ideas at International Conference of Innovation Studies

    More than 20 experts from different countries participated in the International Conference on Innovation Studies in NCCU on Nov. 15 to address the necessity and urgency of innovation in different industries.

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    History professor disagrees with “New Qing History”

    Wong Young-tsu (汪榮祖), professor of Department of History at National Central University, said during a speech at the Shun-Wen Auditorium (舜文大講堂) on Oct. 27 that he would not agree with what was said in the “New Qing History.”

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    Taiwan lacks global talents: professor

    Chen Chao-ming (陳超明), chair professor from Department of Applied Foreign Languages in Shih Chien University, said in a seminar on Oct. 25 that Taiwan is short of global talents, a problem that needs to be solved by reforming foreign language education.

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    Young people can make it count: U.S. scholar

    Focus on Asia-Pacific Security Assistant Project Director Rorry Daniels said during a seminar at National Chengchi University on Oct. 24 that young people can make a change to the society and the government.

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    Hong Kong problems are not easy

    National Taipei University Department of Real Estate and built Environment post-doctor researcher Lan I-chih (藍逸之) said during interview with NCCU Journal on Oct. 7 that simply removing the chief executive cannot fix all the problems in Hong Kong.

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    Leaders of the Sunflower Movement speak at the third-sector conference

    Lin Fei-fan(林飛帆), one of the key leaders in the Sunflower Movement, said in a conference at the National Chengchi University that young people are seeking candidates who can remain neutral amid the political struggles in a two-party system and understand the needs of the people at the election.

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    Young voters key in the Indian General Election

    Securing the support from young voters was key in helping the opposition party in India win the General Election this year, an expert said in a conference at NCCU on Sept. 26.

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    New book about policy-making process in Greater China published for international readers

    Two NCCU professors as well as other experts from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan recently published a book in English exploring the changing government policies in the so-called “Greater China Region,” which could be valuable reference material for international readers to understand the policy-making progress in this region.