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    2018 International Career Seminar for NCCU international students

    Following the spirit of the Career Month at NCCU, the Office of International Cooperation initiated its Career Placement Project for international students on March 16. Recognizing that there are limited career resources available to international students, the OIC offered a Bus Shuttle to the 2018 International Career Seminar, the 7th annual event hosted at National Tsing Hua University, aimed at bringing local companies and international students together.

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    Jobs also open to international students at Career Fair on March 23

    The Career Month at NCCU has run its activities for almost a month and will come to an end with a Career Fair held on Friday, March 23, in front of the administration square. 91 organizations, in 113 booths, are invited, not only to recruit local students, but also for the very first time, to offer job opportunities to international students at the Fair.

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    30-million-dollar donation to found the “Alumni Elite Chair Scholar Program” for CNCCU scholar recruitment

    College of Commerce at NCCU (hereafter, “CNCCU”) has received a donation of NT 30 million dollars from 8 of its alumni to found the “Alumni Elite Chair Scholar Program,” with which is expected to support the recruitment of young graduates and scholars from internationally well-known universities to teach and do research in NCCU.

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    Funding granted by MOE's Higher Education Sprout Project reflects NCCU’s progress

    Ministry of Education revealed the funding result of the 2018 Higher Education Sprout Project (高教深耕計畫). President Edward Chow (周行一) states that the funding granted to NCCU reflects NCCU’s long-term efforts in integrating academic research, education, and public affairs, as well as in solving social problems and fulfilling social responsibility. It also proves that NCCU is the university in progress and continues to occupy the leading position among humanities and social sciences featured universities in Taiwan.

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    NCCU Launches Chinese New Year Greeting Party

    NCCU’s 2018 Chinese New Year Greeting Party was held on February 22 with faculty members and retirees gathered together to enjoy the joyous festive atmosphere and greeted each other in the beginning of the New Year. President Edward Chow expressed his appreciation for the efforts made last year and believed that the Year of the Dog for NCCU will be the year of harvest.

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    Prof. Tao Ya-Lun Won the New Media Art Installation Award at the 9th MADATAC in Spain

    Professor Tao Ya-Lun (陶亞倫) of the Master’s Program in Digital Content & Technologies of NCCU was invited to the 9th Contemporary Audio-Visual & New Media Arts Festival (MADATAC) in Madrid, Spain, and won the “New Media Art Installation Award” among 72 new media artist competitors from 33 countries.

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    Gratitude to the retirees, Farewell Party takes place on January 16

    Farewell party for retired faculty members and staff was held on January 16 by the NCCU Personnel Office. The retirees chatted warmly at the party, shared their retirement plans, and looked forward for the future reunion.

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    Pre-reopening Game and Scoreboard Debut at NCCU Gymnasium

    NCCU Physical Education Office held the "Pre-Re-opening Game of the NCCU Gymnasium" on January 21, inviting Nanshan High School basketball team to challenge with NCCU Griffins and to test the international Bodet Sports scoreboard that is uniquely set among all universities in Taiwan.

  • NCCU’s Blueprint for the Next 5 Years

    NCCU’s Blueprint for the Next 5 Years

    NCCU planned the university development blueprint for the next 5 years and proposed feasible strategies to the National higher education project. President Edward Chow (周行一) pointed out that NCCU aims to contribute to education and society by extending the university-wide project through integration of interdisciplinary research and practice, making a breakthrough in international academic platform and acquiring social influence.

  • The group photo of the members under the program this year

    The 3rd Study Abroad program held by NCCU and University of Melbourne has launched on 12/4

    In 2014, Australian Government announced The New Colombo Plan which aimed to lift knowledge of the Indo Pacific in Australia by supporting Australian undergraduates to study and undertake internships in the region. Starting from 2015, University of Melbourne has cooperated with College of Commerce NCCU for the 3rd time this year. The program is designed to provide a wide array of theory and practical experiences that can build understanding in Asian Markets and be applied in the future.