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    School Informs Everyone to Stay Alert as Typhoon Nesat Approaches

    In response to the approach of Typhoon Nesat, the NCCU Campus Security called an emergent meeting in the afternoon of July 27 to manage the operation of disaster precaution.

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    Nobel Laureate Prof. Robert J. Shiller launching speech at NCCU on July 12

    In celebration of NCCU 90th anniversary, Professor Robert J. Shiller, the 2013 Nobel Prize Laureate in Economic Sciences, is invited to give a speech on July 12. Prof. Shiller is going to share his expertise under the topic of Connectivity Between Asset Price Inflation and the Financial Markets.

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    IMBA Dragon Boat Team Races in the 2017 Competition

    After two full months of practice (weekdays and weekends), the 2017 NCCU IMBA Dragon Boat Team, known as the “IMBAders” [imŸvaŸders], got their opportunity to compete with other teams during the New Taipei City Dragon Boat Cup (新北龍舟賽) in Luzhou Breeze Park (蘆洲微風運河), starting on May 29.

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    NCCU Muslim prayer room is now open to the public

    National Chengchi University has launched the opening ceremony of campus Muslim prayer room during the Islamic month of Ramadan on June 2, 2017.

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    NCCU Globalization On Air: President Chow Broadcasting NCCU 90th Birthday on ICRT

    President Edward Chow (周行一) was interviewed on May 11 by ICRT DJ Paul Meador, introducing National Chengchi University (NCCU) to the audience as well as promoting coming up international events, including the visit of Nobel Laureate Robert J Shiller, Cloud Gate outdoor performance and the 2017 World Festival. The Festival, taking place from May 17 to 19, will have ICRT live broadcasting on campus inviting faculty members and students to gain on-air experiences on the first day.

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    NCCU Faculties and Students Moved by School’s Documentary Premeire

    The NCCU 90 anniversary documentary《九十政大‧萬里圖南》was released jointly with the NCCU 90th Anniversary Issue and the 2017 Distinguished Alumni Special Issue on May 10th. The ceremony was held at 10 a.m. at the grand hall of NCCU Art & Culture Center and 4:00 p.m. at Si Wei hall, with guests, professors, alumni and students participating. Except for President Edward Chow (周行一) , the former-President Zhang, Jing-Yu (張京育), the Alumnus Zhang, Shin-Zong (張世宗), vice-President of Ambassador Theatre, director of the documentary, Prof. Wang, Yae-Wei (王亞維), faculties and students gathered and participated in the ceremony. All participants had a memorial group photo taken before the release, leaving NCCU 90 anniversary an unforgettable, remarkable chapter.

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    Challenge the chief reading hunter qualification , open the seal totem to guard wisdom secret treasure

    While we are on the 90th anniversary of the National Chengchi University, Chiang Kai-shek library is also coinciding with the 40th anniversary celebration, in addition to the forty unlimited special exhibition, library take place "nccu 90‧reading hunter” activities which are divided into two stages. After completing the first stages in 7 buildings around the main campus, then go through the advanced stages in 5 buildings on the mountain campus.

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    Vote Results:Mascot for NCCU New Basketball Varsity Named After “雄鷹”

    The vote result for naming the mascot of NCCU Men’s Division I basketball varsity comes out today. “雄鷹”, meaning the eagle, wins over 54% of the votes and therefore becomes the Chinese name of the Griffins.

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    Greening NCCU: Tree Planting Event Receives Immense Response

    Following the NCCU school tree vote, the 90th anniversary tree planting event was held at 10:00 a.m., March 9th, nearby the fountain in the front of the Si-wei Hall. Due to every faculty and students’ enthusiastic participation, 300 Osmanthus seedlings and 250 small pots were given out on the spot.

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    Liquidambar Winning NCCU School Tree Vote

    Yesterday, the results for the vote to choose the NCCU school tree type was announced. The “Liquidambar” tree, whose characteristics echo NCCU’s spirit, was chosen.