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    〈NCCU's 91st Anniversary〉Alumni Gather on Homecoming Day’s 30-Year Reunion Lunch

    Nearly 400 alumni from 28 departments were invited to Si-Wei Hall for the Homecoming Day Reunion Lunch on May 19. The alumni were first guided by the student receptionist group called “Pilot” (引水人) for a tour around the campus to recall precious memories of studying, dating, clubbing, and to witness the changes occurred in the course of 30 years.

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    〈NCCU's 91st Anniversary〉Awards are given in the 91st Anniversary Celebration Ceremony

    The 91st Anniversary Celebration Ceremony on May 18 started with performances by NCCU Symphony Orchestra and the Magic Club. Awards to the distinguished alumni, faculty, administration staff, and academic researchers of NCCU were all granted in the event.

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    〈NCCU's 91st Anniversary〉NCCU focuses on balanced studies and physical exercise

    NCCU Sports Day of the 91st anniversary was held on May 18. President Edward Chow (周行一) honored the prosperity of achievement in sports, with NCCU Men’s Basketball Varsity “the Griffins (雄鷹)” winning the ticket to UBA Open Men’s Division I at the first year it established. Chow also stated that, “Doing physical exercise is as important as getting an education”. Hence, he kept striving for getting more resource and funding in the sports area for NCCU, as well as invited alumni, faculty, and students to join the one-month free trial of the renovated Fitness Room on campus.

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    ICRT interviews President Chow and impressed by NCCU's internationalization

    Stevie G, host of the Morning Show in International Community Radio Taipei (ICRT), interviewed President Edward Chow on May 15 and congratulated on NCCU’s 91st anniversary. He also expressed his appreciation for NCCU’s internationalized strategy and future outlook.

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    NCCU’s 91st Anniversary to be held on May 18 and 19

    The 91st anniversary ceremony is scheduled to be held on May 18. NCCU will present the awards to recognize achievement done by outstanding alumni, professors & researchers, staff, and students. Academic research awards and Mr. Chen Bainian’s academic paper awards will also be granted to excellent students. Besides, alumni graduated 50 years ago will come and give a yearbook to the university as a souvenir.

  • Alumni had a pleasing conversation.

    IMBA Alumni Homecoming and Multicultural café

    To celebrate the 91st university anniversary, IMBA combined Multicultural café and Alumni Homecoming events together for the first time on May 4, not only to provide the opportunity for IMBA students to prepare their hometown delicacy to their classmates but also to invite the alumni to IMBA to have fun.

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    Administrative Units Will Relocate to Temporary Offices in July due to Structural Reinforcement Project

    Structural reinforcement project of the Administration Building is going to start in August this year and expected to complete in late March next year. All existing administrative units are scheduled to relocate to alternative offices from July 11 to 20 this year.

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    NCCU Job Fair: Future Career Events, Workshop, One-on-One Employment Meetings

    With the NCCU Job Fair having just come to an end, the OIC had cooperated with Career Development Center to make the event more international student-friendly on March 23. While over 90 companies and organizations came to the Fair, both offices jointly identified those specifically interested in hiring international students. Overall, this year international students were noticeably more engaged in conversations with the representatives of the companies, signifying a step further towards internationalization.

  • NCCU Griffins wins the entry ticket to UBA Open Men's Division I Basketball Tournament.

    NCCU Griffins wins 3rd prize in UBA Men's Division II and gets entry ticket to Men’s Division I

    After NCCU Griffins played 7-game win streak, got into the “First 16” college basketball team, and awarded champion in the North Region of UBA Open Men’s Division II, they had also sent themselves to the “Final Four” round by winning 71:52 on March 21, and received the entry ticket to next season’s UBA Open Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament, the top level of play in UBA. They finally won the third prize on March 23, 75:69, creating the best record ever since the founding of the team!

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    2018 International Career Seminar for NCCU international students

    Following the spirit of the Career Month at NCCU, the Office of International Cooperation initiated its Career Placement Project for international students on March 16. Recognizing that there are limited career resources available to international students, the OIC offered a Bus Shuttle to the 2018 International Career Seminar, the 7th annual event hosted at National Tsing Hua University, aimed at bringing local companies and international students together.