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    Face-lift for the gym will be completed next year

    A face lifted gym will be opened at the National Chengchi University (NCCU) next year, the Physical Education Office (PEO) said in summer vacation.

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    New college deans and department heads take office

    A total of 14 offices at the National Chengchi University (NCCU) welcomed their new heads while they also saw off their former heads on Aug. 1.

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    Typhoon Warning

    Typhoon NEPARTAK is coming. Before you leave school, please make sure that all the power, windows and doors are turned off or closed. Thanks for your cooperation.

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    NCCU and NTUST to be merged

    NCCU President Edward Chow (周行一) said on Feb. 17 that NCCU would plan to work with National Taiwan University of Science and Technology on a plan this year, to establish a new model of higher education in Taiwan and become the top on the world.

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    The new curriculum plan challenged at the meeting with faculty, students

    Faculty and students of the NCCU gathered at the Administration Building on Sept. 15 to express their concern over the university’s Curriculum Restructuring Plan (課程精實方案), which is scheduled to be implemented at 2016 Academic Year.

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    NCCU IR ranked No.2 in Asia

    National Chengchi University was ranked No. 1 in Taiwan, No.2 in Asia and No.76 in the world in the latest ranking of the Institutional Repositories (IR).

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    New college deans and department heads take office

    Four college deans and 18 department or program chairs of National Chengchi University took office in an inauguration ceremony on July 30.

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    New policy may cause hiring freeze for adjunct faculty: Chen

    Directors and teaching assistants from different academic departments of NCCU gathered for a forum on July 15 to discuss how the university’s new policy on minimum credits for graduation would affect faculty and students.

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    New NCCU school anthem proposed amid controversies

    Ruth Chen (陳盈如), a public administration alumna of the National Chengchi University, enjoyed singing the school’s anthem. ...

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    College of Foreign Languages expresses concerns about new course policy

    NCCU College of Foreign Languages said in a forum on June 10 that language learning might not be effective if a drafted course policy is to be implemented, which aims to enhance the quality of education in the university.