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    Mr. Jeremy Lin and Dr. Seetoo Dah-Hsian are to be guest speakers at NCCU Commencement Ceremony

    NCCU’s Commencement Ceremony of the Academic year 2017-2018 will take place on Saturday, June 9, at the Gymnasium. NCCU invites NBA professional basketball player Jeremy Shu-How Lin (林書豪) and Professor Seetoo Dah-Hsian (司徒達賢) to deliver graduation speeches in the morning session and afternoon session respectively, to share personal experience, encourage graduates to boldly pursue their own dreams, and create their own ways in life. According to the Office of Student Affairs, invitation cards are required to attend the Commencement Ceremony. Each graduate can bring along 3 other guests with one invitation card.

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    NCCU moves Chiang statues from Library to Hua Hsing Children's Home

    National Chengchi University (NCCU) has relocated a statue of late President Kai-shek Chiang from library to Hua Hsing Children’s Home on Sep. 8 according to the resolution of the 197th school meeting on Jan.5, 107. With the concern and active assistance of all walks of life and alumni, the school expresses its sincere respect and gratitude.

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    Strengthening Ties with Hong Kong’s Academic Powerhouses - NCCU Meets with 3 of Its Partner Universities

    In the context of the fifth Cross-strait Forum on Education of Modern Colleges held by the Chinese University of Hong Kong from July 17 to July 20, NCCU delegation set forth on a journey to one of Asia’s most vibrant cities. Consisting of NCCU President Prof Edward Chow, Vice President for International Cooperation Prof. Mei-Fen Chen, and the Director of NCCU’s Center for China Studies Prof. Ching-Ping Tang, NCCU representatives did not only attend the event, but also utilized this unique opportunity to visit three partner universities.

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    Representatives of Taiwan’s Higher Education on a Journey to Enhance Dialog and Forming Partnerships in France and Belgium

    Despite the current semester break, NCCU’s President Prof. Dr. Edward Chow’s schedule remained quite busy with the Taiwan-France Higher Education Forum in Reims and the 2018 Taiwan-Belgium Roundtable in Brussels having taken place on July 9 and July 12, respectively. Both events mark a milestone for international cooperation between Taiwan’s higher education and their European counterparts in terms of scale and scope. With over 30 representatives of different Taiwanese universities attending the two occasions, the events have significantly contributed to increase the visibility of Taiwan’s higher education abroad and have generated new channels for interesting dialogs among all present parties. While NCCU’s delegation has utilized this unique opportunity by reaching out to existing and potential new partners and through active engagement in debates on innovations in higher education, cooperation strategies and internationalization at home.

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    Upgrading the school's interdisciplinary strengths and becoming a globally reputable university.

    The Consensus Conference on School Development was held on the 25th and 26th July 2018. During the conference, President Edward Chow (周行一) stressed that a successful university should develop graduates with critical thinking and leadership skills to inspire the society and influence the world. Besides, President Chow emphasized that the rapid changes in the global higher education environment will require a shift in strategy of teachers, students and resources. Chow also hopes that through these changes, NCCU can build a strong foundation in becoming a world-class university.

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    Strengthening Cooperation with Southeast Asia: Opening the first conversation with the University of Foreign Language Studies – University of Danang

    The visit of Dr. Tran Huu Phuc, Rector of the University of Foreign Language Studies – University of Danang, on June 22 marks an auspicious start for the future possible partnership with National Chengchi University. Invited by the Ministry of Education, Dr. Tran Huu Phuc - along with his family – met with NCCU Executive Vice President Prof. Chun-Chig Chang and Vice President for International Cooperation Prof. Mei-Fen Chen and discussed future collaboration possibilities. A particular focus during the talk thereby represented the promotion of Vietnamese language and cultural studies in Taiwan.

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    Typhoon Warning

    ​This year's eight typhoon, MARIA, is approaching Taiwan. Please make sure to turn off the power and keep the windows or doors closed before leaving the school. Thank you very much for your cooperation and remember to keep yourself alert to the weather updates.

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    NCCU's Taipei MUN Conference Connects Local and International Students with One Another and with the World

    NCCU's annual Taipei Model United Nations Conference (TMUN) was being held for the 13th time during the weekend of May 18 to 20. Given its long tradition and high quality, the event hosted by NCCU's Youth Association of International Conferences (YAIC) is regarded as one of the most prestigious MUN conferences on the island. Three conference rooms in NCCU's Administration Building had thus been filled with university and high school students from all over Taiwan. Most notably, this year TMUN had even received delegations travelling all the way from Singapore to attend the event.

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    <NCCU’s 91st Anniversary> Accounting claims double crown in Volleyball and Basketball in Department Border Cups

    Department of Accounting claimed titles for Men’s basketball and volleyball in the Department Border Cup during NCCU’s 91st Anniversary Sports Day on May 19. The players in Accounting defeated those from Economics in Men’s basketball with a final score of 57-43 and also won Department of Land Economics by 2-0 in Men’s volleyball, seizing double crown.

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    〈NCCU’s 91st anniversary〉Accounting Defends the Crown in Creative Cheerleading Competition

    NCCU’s 91st anniversary creative cheerleading competition was held in two days. Departments of Public Finance and Accounting both tried the whole bag of tricks to win the championship. The Department of Accounting won the championship and creative theme award, while the Department of Public Finance was runner-up.