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    NCCU Elected Seven Distinguished Alumni

    In 2017, NCCU elected seven distinguished alumni, listed as Li Jin-cyuan(李金銓), Wu Fong-shan(吳豐山), Su Ci(蘇起), Shan De-sing(單德興), Li Siao-yuan(李小媛), Jiang Fong-nian(姜豐年) and Yu Ji-long(于紀隆) (arranged in order by the graduated year).

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    ICRT DJ Joseph Lin Stunned by NCCU Students in Radio Liner Competition

    The “ICRT DJ in Campus” event took place in NCCU on May 17 as the World Festival also kicked off. Crowds of students flooded to the booth to see ICRT DJ Joseph Lin interview President Edward Chow (周行一) as well as to participate in the radio liner competition.

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    NCCU Sports New Era: Men’s Division I Basketball Varsity Officially Formed

    NCCU Men’s Division I basketball varsity”雄鷹” was formed officially on May 12th. “Griffins”, the mascot of the team also made its debut simultaneously. President Chow stated that, “It is such an exciting moment and a dream-come-true not only for NCCU but also myself.” Chow indicated that 2017 is the new era for NCCU in regards of sports development, “we expect ‘雄鷹’ to promote the sports culture in Taiwan.” Being the first university for the Pu-yuan college tour, NCCU’ s basketball team “雄鷹” will also challenge the Pu-yuan Basketball team in the 3 on 3 bullfighting on May 19, when the Pu-yuan basketball festival take place.

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    Runners sweat themselves during Campus Marathon

    More than 1,800 runners participated in the annual Campus Marathon on Dec.4.

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    <The 2017 Bao-zhong Tea Festival> 35 departments rolled up their sleeves, draw the Bao-zhong Tea Festival to a perfect end

    The 2017 Bao-zhong Tea Festival was held on Nov. 4., attracting many high school students and their parents to participate despite of the gloomy weather , NCCU students tried their best to introduce the specialities of each department to different high school students flowed in NCCU, demonstrating ing the colorful school life and the vitality of NCCU.

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    Over 50 Partner Universities Participated in 2017 NCCU Study Abroad Fair

    Aiming to help students get the information for studying abroad, Office of International Cooperation (hereafter, “OIC”) organized the “2017 Study Abroad Fair” from October 30 to November 2. In this fair, students could get first-hand information from each partner university’s booth and also collect sticker from the booths in exchange for either lunch boxes or souvenirs.

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    President Chow encourages high school students to pursue their dreams in annual Boa-zhong Tea Festival

    The annual Bao-zhong Tea Festival was held on Nov. 4. Seizing the opportunity, National Chengchi University (NCCU) students introduced the campus to senior high school students who might become future NCCU students. Voice of NCCU Radio Station launched an open studio to broadcast live interviews with President Edward Chow(周行一) and Dean of Office of Academic Affairs Yu Nai-ming(于乃明). In the interview, President Chow emphasized NCCU is the only university that is well known for its excellence in the fields of humanities and social sciences among the top ones, and encouraged high school students to pursue their dreams by joining in NCCU.

  • IMBA students took photo together with confident smile and made Taiwan MBA education seen by the world through the Fair
  • Speakers of the IMBA information session took a picture together

    Study abroad in Taiwan to experience globalization! IMBA hold information session to invite elites from all over the world

    International Master of Business Administration (IMBA) program held information session in National Chengchi University’s Yuan-Da Lecture Hall, on the 6th floor of the College of Commerce on November 4. Professor Shari Shang, associate of Director of the IMBA program, introduced the features of the program. IMBA also invited many alumnus and current students to share their experiences in both school and career. The information session attracted many people to join.

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    Three Tactics to Realize Globalization: NCCU Will Set Up International College Opening 400+ English-Taught Classes.

    NCCU has been contriving to realize globalization. In order to actualize the goal, the school adopts three tactics: to transform into cross-border education, to set up ETP (English-Taught Program) and ETDP (English-Taught Degree Program) in all colleges, and to establish interdisciplinary colleges and International College.